About Welltech Cooling Systems:

Welltech Cooling Systems are known for making engineering solutions which result in a unique technology to manufacture, design and commissioning of all kind of non-traditional cooling towers, heat exchangers and chillers. Our products are accepted widely by domestic and in International Market. We set ourselves high standard parameters for the fabrication quality and speed delivery.

Our Team:

We are functioning with the help of a highly competent team recruited from industrious professionals, which holds tremendous expertise in manufacturing a flawless range of equipment for refrigeration and cooling systems. All these professionals are highly educated. Owing to their dedication and sincere approach, We are able to meet the exceeding demands of our clients. Our Team Comprises Management executives Quality controllers Administrative Staffs Skilled/technical staffs Semi-skilled and unskilled workers

Order With us

  1. Round Type Cooling Towers
  2. Square Type Cooling Towers
  3. Fan less Cooling Towers
  4. Wooden Cooling Tower
  5. Dry Cooling Tower
  6. Multi Cell Cooling Tower
  7. Cross Flow Cooling Tower
  1. Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  2. Gasket Plate Type Heat Exchanger
  3. Brazed Plate Type Heat Exchanger
  4. Finned Tube Heat Exchanger
  5. Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
  1. Air Cooled Water Chiller
  2. Water Cooled Water Chiller
  3. Process Chiller
  4. Oil Chiller
  5. Soda Chiller