We assure about good quality & trouble free running of it’s plants all around the year. Due to single source responsibility covering designing, manufacturing, installation and service by our experienced Engineers and always standing by to attend pre and post installation problems.


Our air-cooled scroll chillers can reduce your total cost of ownership because they are engineering for lower life cycle costs and reliability through design simplicity. Our compressor technology is direct drive, low speed (3600 rpm) with only two rotating parts for high reliability and efficiency. Optimized compressor parts profiles are designed specifically for chilled water applications to optimize full and part-load efficiency. Our ‘Smart H’ Microprocessor provides greater reliability through a proactive control strategy, safety functions with simple diagnostics and easy interface with any building automation / energy management using a single twisted pair of wires. Hiver air-cooled scroll chillers are the right choice for tight temperature control in virtually any application.

Our compact chillers install easily and quickly into most building / factory layouts, making them ideal choices for retrofit or new building designs.

Our Chilling plants have different features details as below:

We are using Reciprocating / Scroll/ Semi Hermetic compressor of reputed make.

Compact design shell and tube type / Fins & Tube type. It is being tested hydraulically at 20 Kg/cm²

Condensed liquid refrigerant is being expanded in DX Type Chiller through expansion valve. Water is being circulated through Chiller shell side having baffles arrangement, chiller is also being manufactured and tested hydrostatically at 20 Kg/cm² pressure.

Low Pressure, High Pressure cutout, oil pressure control are is provided for the safety of plant. PLC / Thermostat is also provided for automatic tripping when temperature is achieved.

Design features
– Adopted world famous brand compressors and high efficiency condenser and evaporator, ensure high cooling efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and long service life.

-100% original brand parts, including compressor, electrical components and refrigeration components.

Danfoss/Copeland scroll compressor.

Schneider electrical components.

Danfoss/Emerson thermal components.

– Self-processing components: Condenser, Evaporator, SS storage tank and Cabinet self-processing.

– Copper coil built in SS tank evaporator, easy for cleaning and installation(plat type, shell and tube available on request).

– Refrigerant: R22 charged, CFC free type R407C, R410A, R134A for option.

– Over-sized evaporator and condenser ensure the chiller unit could running under 45ºC high ambient temperature.

– Microcomputer control system offering accurate temperature stability within ±1ºC.

– Multi-protection devices ensure the chiller unit running safety.

– The innovative evaporator-in-tank configuration ensure a steady water temperature offered, as the evaporator also cools the tank itself, reduces ambient heat again, and increases the efficiency.

– Energy efficient solutions: our specialists are aware of the rising cost of energy and the pressure to reduce energy consumption, and offer many energy saving products that favor life time costs including variable speed pump & fan packages and energy efficient refrigeration products.

– Low noise and big volume air blower.

– Standard equipped Iron pump, stainless steel or high lift pump for option.

– HTI-A air cooled industrial chiller adopted aluminum fin/copper tube type condenser, easy for cleaning and installation.

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