Manufacturing Companies of Water Cooled Chiller in Suppan Ragavan Colony

Water Cooled Chiller

Water Chillers are mechanical devices used for easing the process of heat exchanging from water to a refrigerant. They are used in closed loop systems. These portable, compact and durable chillers are ideal refrigeration systems used for cooling the fluids for supporting different industrial processes. These chillers are perfect for withstanding the process fluid temperatures between 20° to 70°F. They provide maximum protection to different valuable process equipments in various industrial applications. They can work continuously without any damage or breakdown owing to their modern designs, high-durability and efficacy. In addition to this, as water is continuously recirculated with closed circuit operations, they also save water. Precise water temperature controls are also available for providing quick reaction to sudden load changes.


1).Water temperature range of this series water cooled chiller is 5degree C to 35 degree C

2). Adopt good quality famous brand EMERSON Copeland compressor,Danfoss compressor ,and Panasonic compressor,high efficiency, low noise, less wearing and long life

3).With high efficiency shell and tube type evaporator and condenser

4).World famous brand parts: such as Emerson expansion valve, Schneider contactor ,Danfoss drier filter.

5).Can be widely used in different area,such as in commercial Air conditoiner and Industrial use .

6).Strong unit base frame ensured the equipment stable operation 

7).Adopt leading brand PUNP controller, accurately temperature control system.Also adjustable with wide range.

8).Multi-capacity regulation, energy saving, cost cut down greatly for operation and maintenance.

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