Manufacturers of Timber Cooling Tower in Allinagaram

We manufacturer of Timber / Wooden Cooling tower in Multi-cell configurations are provided to offer flexibility of operations and also to meet increased cooling requirements. These Cooling Towers are supplied with treated timber construction, which is pressure treated with Copper Chromate Arsenic. Structural design for operational load and wind pressure of 30 psi is taken into Consideration.

CCA (copper chromate arsenic) treated timber / wood Cooling Towers have proven themselves the world over. These timber / wood Cooling Towers are available in induced draft cross flow & induced draft counter flow design. Water handling capacity ranges from 60 M3/hr. to 16000 M3/hr. per cell capacity. Fan diameter varies from 1500 mm to 10000 mm. Different models have different Air Travels, Fill height, Fill pattern, Fan diameter, etc. in cross flow design and varied Fill height, Fill design, etc. in counter flow design.

We are among the prominent organizations engaged in manufacturing and supplying Timber Cooling Tower. These timber cooling towers are manufactured in accordance with international standards by using high grade material procured from the authorized vendors of the market.


   1. Field-erected industrial type, available in counter flow or cross flow configuration with RC structure, wood structure, HDGS structure or FRP structure.

   2. Specifically customer-design

  • Capacity range:

   Customer-designed models with single cell capacities from 500 to 6000 nominal tons. (Various   

   Modular combinations are available to meet different cooling capacity requirements and job site  


  • Applicable for:

   Medium to large HVAC & Process industrial applications, Steel Plants, Oil Plants

  • Benefits:

 Each tower is customer designed to meet the needs of the individual cooling capacity requirement    or job site restriction. Available in a wide range of water flow rates

The relevant Counter flow tower with wood splash bar states become increasingly large and more efficient. The configuration of Cooling Tower consists of copper chromate arsenic Treated Timber to resist the contaminated water from the process industries. It is money saving and energy conservation strategy to over size your Cooling Tower for cold water.

Mechanical draft towers have either direct driven or gear driven fan depends upon the capacity of each cell. Normally small capacity towers (Approx. Single cell capacity up to 200 m3/hr and DT 15°C) are direct driven and higher capacity towers are gear driven.
We also manufacture single stripping special purpose cooling tower for DT up to 50°C.


Casing :- Casing Made By Asbestos Sheet/Frp Sheet  Fitted With Wooden Structures.Its Work In Worst Weather Condition Or Humidity For Long Life

Supports And Structure:- Cooling Tower Constructed With Imported Chemically Treated Wood With Ample Thickness .Sufficient Supports Give More Toughness To Structures.

Fan:- Fan Is Aerodynamic Designed To Give More Airflow Cubic Feet Per Minutes.It Is Axial Flow And Variable Adjustment To Control Air Volume.Fan Is Dynamic And Static Balanced To Reduce Vibration And Noise Level .Available In Frp/Polymer/Aluminium Option.

Fills Packing:- MX-SERIES Cooling Tower Comes With Imported Chemically Treated Wooden Fills With Frp/S.S./Hdg M.Steel Grids.It Is Cleanable And Reusable .Fills Are Designed For  Easy To Remove Or Refix

Electrical Fan Motor:- Cooling Tower Motor Is Direct Driven With Lower Rotation Per Minute.Cooling Tower Motor Developed To Work In Outer Location.Fan Motor Comes With ‘F’ Class Insulation And Ip55 Weather Proofing As Per International Common Standards.

Water Distribution Systems:- In MX-SERIES Cooling Tower Not Require Pressure In Water Distribution System,It Can Work On Gravity Pressure.There Is Frp Trough Above Cooling Tower Fitted With Nylon/Engineering Polymer Flower Type Big Orifice Nozzles,It Is Easy To Clean And Mangable.

Moror Protection Canopy:- Canopy Made From Frp Raw Goods And Allow To Air Discharge Smoothly And Protect Motor From Rain And Sunlight.


  • MX-SERIES Cooling Tower Is Developed Work With Less Breakdown And Nearly Zero Maintainenence.
  • It Iworks In Almost Every Industry And Still Favorite For Last 40 Years.Compact Modular Design Needs Very Less Space To Operat And Maintain It.
  • MX-SERIES Cooling Tower Cube Design Supports And Structures Gives More Sturdyness And Withstand Capacity Against Wind Flow And Other Natural Calamities.
  • MX-SERIES Cooling Tower Static Big Orifice Flower Type  Nozzles And Pipe Distributes Water Uniformly And Less Chocking Or Breakdowns*
  • MX-SERIES Cooling Tower Is Developed For Easy To Maintain And Operates.
  • MX-SERIES Cooling Tower We Have Enough Stock For Spares For Sudden Breakdown  And Most Of Spares Are Compitible With  Easily Available Spares In Market
  • Axial Flow Fan  With Adjustable Pitch To Increase Air-Flow[ With 3 Option Aluminium,Engineering Polymer And Frp]
  • Fills Packing With 2 Option 1]Higher Temperature Resistance Pvc ‘V’type Splash Bar Andstainless Steel Gridds 2] Imported Chemically Treated Wooden Fills
  • Standard  Premium Wooden Top Sided Basin Easy To Maintain And Cleanable
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