Manufacturers of Air Cooled Water Chiller in Kochi

Air Cooled Water Chiller

Welltech industrial chillers (air cooled) is a refrigeration system used to cool a process fluid and dehumidifies air in industrial facilities. Air cooled chiller uses fans to dissipate the heat removed by the refrigeration system. The equipment works as an air conditioning system with the world’s best standard A-type screw compressor and newly designed shell and tube heat exchanger that have powerful cooling ability, low noise, low vibration, high efficiency and high reliability. These are equipped where no source of liquid are available for cooling the condenser.

Air Cooled Chiller comes complete with PID microprocessor-controlled controller that utilizes fully proportional cooling and heating. The equipment offers low-stress refrigeration system, circulating pumps, R-134A CFC free refrigerant and fluid reservoir. WEIBER gives you an option to choose from the seven models as per the desired recirculating fluid and other technical parameters.We specialize in both standard as well as customized chillers to meet the demands in required areas

Special Features

  • Multi Channel Systems for multiple cooling loop applications
  • Precision temperature stability
  • Special fluid handling (materials, pumps, filtration)
  • Portable and reliable
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Microprocessor based controller (HMI+PLC based controller option)
  • CFC free refrigeration system
  • Hermetically sealed compressor
  • RS 232 interfacing for remote control and monitoring
  • Options for recirculating fluids (see the technical matrix of all models)
    • Water
    • Deionized Water
    • Deuterium Oxide / Methanol
    • Fluorinert FC-3283
    • Ethylene Glycol
  • Front to rear airflow
  • Audio visual alarms for malfunction
  • Castors for ease in mobility
  • Safety devices
  • suitable for use in both closed loop and ground loop water-source
  • equipped with rotary screw compression
  • equipped with includes particle filters, DI filters, water resistivity probes and rotary flow meters

Construction Details

   The heavy duty frame is constructed of welded steel tubing mounted on locking casters.


    Indirect heating system is provided in our chiller, comprising of air heaters made of high grade Kanthal A-1 wires of suitable wattage. The temperature is evenly distributed throughout the chamber through natural water convection mechanism, ensuring a very good temperature sensitivity.


    An energy efficient cooling unit is installed in our chiller. We use ISI marked high end CFC free compressors of Kirloskar / Tecumseh make, conforming to latest international standards and guidelines.


    Temperature range of our chiller models vary for different models (see the technical matrix.) how ever we have the capacity to change the temperature specifications as per requirement


  • Biotech
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Semiconductor
  • medical industries
  • plastic industries
  • printing industries
  • laser cutting industries