Manufacturers of Water Cooled Screw Chiller in Kollam

Water cooled industial chiller are designed of case type,plastic spraying shell,compact structure,convenient installation,low noise,multiple protection function,safe operation,high efficiency and energy saving. Water cooled chiller running with cooling tower but no need consider the environmental factors,can be placed directly at the work site. 

Adopts shell and tube evaporator, scroll compressor and heat exchanger,reasonable piping design,meet the requirements of different industies. It can be widely used in the plastic industry such as bottle blowing machine,injection molding machine,extrusion coating machine,flim blowing machine,extruder machine,plastic forming machine etc, electroplating factory, priniting factory, chemical industry and so on. Also offer customized according  to customer’s special requirement.

Products Specification

The unit has 52 standard specifications, the cooling range of 78900kcal / h ~ 6361500kcal / h, chilled water temperature adjustment range of 5 ~ 20 ℃.

Hot recovery water-cooled screw chillers are widely used in hotels, hospitals, sauna baths, large factories and other places, In addition, in addition to standard specifications, but also according to user requirements made all kinds of special units (high voltage, other power supply system and sea water products).


Selection semi-closed 5:6asymmetric twin-screw compressor from world-renowned brand ,shaft seal leakage possibility is zero.Using a rotating exhaust design,and the use of the latest development of the fourth generation line,optimize the circumference speed, excellent design of gear so that the unit has higher compression efficiency,Motor chamber compression chamber integrally cast,high precision.Double pressure compensated rotor housing,very strong,no expansion even in the state of high pressure,and effectively reduces the noise.

Heat exchanger

The condenser and evaporator of this series unit adopts shell and tuble heat exchanger,using new high efficient heat exchanger structure.heat exchanger adopts the most advanced and effcient heat exchanger tube bundle,unique geometric characteristics,enhanced tube nucleate boiling required vaporization core,strengthen the fluid in the tube at the same time delay perturbation,the water side fouling ,heat transfer enhancement, the inside wall in order to get the best performance, comparede to the previous design, the unique design of the heat transfer efficiency is increased by 30%.

Evaporator evaporation tube with inner screw groove on outer concave tooth enhanced heat transfer technology,condenser tube with inner screw groove cutter teeth technology,improves the evaporator and condenser heat transfer efficiency and the evaporation temperature,and ultimately improve the energy efficiency ratio for the unit.

Low temperature chillers

SW series of low temperature chillers based on well-known brands as the host semi-hermetic screw compressor, built-in suction filter, oil filter, oil separators, safety valve and protection module, no leakage, low noise, stable operation.

Performance and Advantages

1. Advanced high-performance twin-screw compressor matching high-quality condenser and evaporator, the use of advanced processing technology produced from all products through the national testing system testing, in line with national standards.

2. Unit design is reasonable, beautiful appearance, and high-end use of the site complement each other.

3. Rely on the unit cooling produced by the waste heat to produce hot water, completely energy-consuming, and without any emissions pollution.

4. With a variety of units operating safety protection measures to ensure the operation of the unit and customer safety. Heat recovery work, the unit can replace the boiler, electric heaters and other safety hazards of the heating device.