Manufacturers of Air Cooled Water Chiller in Karnataka Where aesthetics and environmental conditions or water access restrictions exist, air-cooled chiller may be applied. Both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers depend on an air stream as a means of heat transfer.The difference is that the water-cooled chillers or rather the cooling towers use a humid air stream (ambient air stream + water spray) while the air-cooled chillers use a current of ambient air.

WELLTECH has found a way of combining modern manufacturing methods and advanced technology to achieve highly effective and efficient air-cooled chillers.Unfortunately, some people still believe that air cooled chillers cannot offer quite good efficiencies. What such people only need to check is the performance of these chillers two decades ago is the progressive increase in NPLV rating of air-cooled chillers over the years.Already, many chiller plants in the Other Countries and elsewhere have adopted WELLTECH’s air-cooled designs and have expressed satisfaction. When used in part load applications, these chillers are very reliable.

The Air Cooled Chiller has 5 main components :

  1. The compressor – typically screw, scroll or reciprocating
  2. The condenser – a bundle of horizontal pipes which contain the hot refrigerant, these are surrounded by a number of thin sheets of metal in the vertical axis. These help distribute heat away from the tubes and into the air which is blown across the tubes and thin sheets of metal.

  3. Condenser fans – These suck air across the condenser coils, entering from the sides, and then force this air out the top of the unit upwards into the ambient atmosphere.

  4. Expansion Valve – This expands the refrigerant before it enters the evaporator.

  5. Evaporator – This is where the chilled water is produced and the heat from the warm return “chilled water” is extracted, to be sent to the condenser.

In summary, here are the benefits of using air-cooled chillers :

  • No cooling towers
  • Better environmental stability-no water wastage
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easier to operate and control-tower freezing and tower bypass absent
  • Chemical costs avoided
  • Water costs avoided, especially in cities
  • No water problems to deal with in case of disaster
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