Manufacturing Companies of Industrial Oil Chiller in Talipramba

We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying of Oil Chillers that are used to reduce the fast heat which is produced during the machine’s functioning. These Oil Chillers are mostly used in applications like cutting, lubrication, hydraulics,quenching, drilling, broaching, honing, grinding etc. As the oil needs to be maintained at an accurate temperature Oil Chillers are very necessary to retain the chemical and physical properties. These Chillers are designed with immense care and adopting latest techniques to ensure they fit specific application.

Oil Chiller

The unit which performs cooling of various types of oils such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and cooking oil in certain machine tools is called an oil chiller. Certain big machines use bearings and gears which become overheated and thereby resulting in thermal deformation due to high rotational impact. Then the displacement of machine parts effect the efficiency and accuracy of machine. Also, as a result of continuous overheating the oil may degrade and affect the machine. They are commonly used in automobile industry, aerospace industries, power plants, etc.

Advance Cooling Hydraulic Oil Chillers are utilized to keep up exact oil temperature in the power packs which are utilized in water-driven frameworks of CNC machine instruments, rapid presses and pressure-driven fueled specific reason machines and pressure-driven gear.

Prominent features

  • Sturdy and energy efficient hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors of European origin
  • Environment friendly refrigerant R-407C/R-134a/R-410A, available
  • Totally skid mounted unit including oil pump, with by-pass mechanism
  • Electronic expansion valves for larger capacities, for energy efficiency and precise temperature control
  • Factory made and tested tube-in-tube as well as shell-and-tube evaporators, specially designed to handle oils, with high-flow high-pressure design
  • High fouling factors, increased condensing area, extra tube thickness and high-flow design, for highest energy efficiency, higher operational reliability and easier maintenance
  • Low FPI count and high condensing area together with low noise, high flow, pressure-controlled axial fans, ensuring best possible energy efficiency while being operable within the harshest ambient conditions
  • Automatic capacity control through Variable Speed Drives, available
  • Fully automatic PLC based units with remote operation and data logging facilities, available

Application :

  • Hydraulic presses.
  • Deep hole drilling applications.
  • Honing and machine tools.
  • Spindle head cooling and die cast machines.
  • Injection moulding and component quenching.
  • Food industries.


  • Eco friendly.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Lesser maintenance.
  • Contamination free.
  • Temperature controllability.
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