Manufacturers of Water Cooling Industrial Chiller in Neyyattinkara

Water cooled chiller is also widely used in plastic industry, electronics, plating, chemical industry, ultrasonic wave cooling, printing and others. This kind of water cooled industrial chillers can precisely control the temperature  requested by the modernized machinery production, and it greatly improved the production efficiency and quality. Welltech water cooled chiller is easy to install and many models are available.

Ourwater cooled industrial refrigeration packages are used where:

  • Cooling tower water is available
  • Integral pumping is required
  • The inside air is either corrosive, extremely dusty or hot
  • Supplemental heating is of no benefit
  • The plant is air conditioned

These self-contained water-cooled industrial process cooling systems include both a water chiller and a double pump tank system for a complete industrial cooling solution.

This water cooled chiller comes pre-piped and pre-wired and requires a minimum of installation effort and occupies a small amount of floor space.

Our chilling plant has a long history of delivering high quality and reliable industrial chiller packages for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.


The purpose of water cooled chillers is to remove heat from a process and transfer it to a separate cooling entity such as a cooling tower.

For large capacity industrial applications in which heat generated by air cooled chillers creates a problem, water cooled chillers are generally used in conjunction with a cooling tower.

Mineral deposits buildup in the heat transfer circuit can degrade heat transfer and reduce system efficiency, so water cooled chillers typically require condenser water treatment to eliminate any buildup.

Whether you need a water cooled chiller for industrial processing or another application, Delta T Systems guarantees that our experienced engineers can help you select the right water cooled chiller unit for your application or customize a unit to fit and function to your specifications.

When it comes to Chillers, Delta T Systems puts you in control with advanced engineering.


  • Extreme reliability of operation and long lifetime
  • Modularity for future expansion thanks to built-in pump and built-in tank
  • Accessibility to all components for easy maintenance

Main features

  • Hermetic Scroll compressors
  • High efficiency countercurrent shell and tube evaporator
  • Shell and tube condenser
  • Refrigerant pressure gauges and high and low pressure switches
  • Stainless steel pump
  • Insulated pressurized water tank
  • Microprocessor for temperature control
  • Frame and panelling in galvanised steel, hot painted with polyester powders


  • High pressure pump
  • Mechanical Y filters on condenser and evaporator/process
  • Automatic filling tank in stainless steel
  • Extrusion line version
  • Stainless steel tank
  • UL version
  • Special voltages and frequencies
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