Manufacturers of Timber/Wooden Cooling Tower in Punalur

Timber Cooling Towers are useful for air conditioning plants, induction furnace, injection moulding machine, chemical plants, chilling plants, oxygen plants and also for steel industries, cement industries and chemical industries. These depends upon the site condition you can prepare the model of the tower. It can be used for which quantity of water-cooling by extending the size, then lengths by increasing the Standard Size Pressure treated wooden Frames. The woods used for manufacturing the Cooling Towers are completely seasoned chemically treated, lightwood. The Drift Eliminator, Fan duct, Splash bars and complete Structures are made out of the same wood.

The indigenous innovative was adopted by the industry for very good reason. Due to ever increasing demands for Power Generating Station and the Chemical Process Industries. The relevant Counter flow tower with wood splash bar stats become increasingly large, cumbersome and more efficient. The configuration of Cooling Tower consist of ASCU Treated Timber to resist the contaminated water from the process industries. It is money saving and energy conservation strategy to over size your Cooling Tower for cold water.

Standard Features:
* Wood used in the Cooling Towers is pine-wood which is reasoned and chemically treated for its longer working life and to protect from bacterial attack. In some models marine grade pressure treated plywood is used for basins. Basin sides. Louver posts. Louvers and upper panels, are all chemically treated after fabrication.
* The hot water distribution system is passed through a G.I. Pipe (Header-Pipe). Which is firmly fitted with plastic spray nozzles which spray the hot water down to the tank.
* Each type of cooling tower has a suction pope, drain and overflow pipe. Float valve will be supplied with each cooling tower. All nuts bolts, washers used in the tower are pre-galvanized for the purpose to keep it rust free through out its working life.
* The structural and Louvers are Pre-fabricated to accreted dimensions from timber for easy and fast size installation. All timber components are specially treated.
* Pre-assembled at factory for simple installation at site.
* Galvanized pipe distribution system with micro spray nozzle.
* High efficiency double edge folded PVC fills.
* Galvanized Structure with Stainless Steel fasteners.

Material of Construction

ItemMaterial Of Construction
StructureTreated Pinewood
FillsTreated Pinewood
Fill SupportGRP grids / G.I. grids
Drift eleminatorTreated timber / PVC
Drift eliminator supportMarine plywood
Structural connectorFRP rings
NozzlePolypropylene (PP), Poly ethelene
NailsTwested SS
Fan assemblyCast aluminium alloy / FRP
Fan cylinderFRP / HDG
MotorIP 55
Casing and louversCorrugated AC sheet ? FRP
Cold water basinRCC ( by purchaser, as per drawing provided)

Applications :

  • The common Timber type Cooling Towers required by all the major sector customers.
  • These Cooling Towers are having mechanical Fan and the water is cooled with the help of mechanical Fan motor.
  • Cooling towers provides better thermal performance, low drift loss suitable for the current water scarced world.

Advantages :

  • The main advantage of Timber cooling towers are energy saving through these system.

Casing And Basin:- Imported Chirr Or Pine Woods Are Used In Casing Structures .Wood Is Treated For Working In Water And Bad Weather.Strucuter Is Covered With Asbestos Sheet Or Frp Sheet .

Supporting Structures:- Chemically Treated Wood Used In Supporting Structures For Long Life.

Electrical Fan Motor:- Elctrical Fan  Motor Is Specially Designed For Cooling Tower Application .It Has Low Rpm ,Long Shaft Fitment  And Vertical Mounted For Better Airlow ,Reducing Vibration And Low Noise Polution.Tesc [Total Enclosed Surface Cooled]Insulated Ip-55 Grade With Weather Proof Design Sustain In Bad Weather .

Gear Reducer/V’belt Arrangement :-  Some Models Comes With Gear Reducer /’V’belt Drive Reduce Rpm ,Vibration And Noise Polution

Adjustable Pitched Axial Flow Fan:- Axial Flow Fan Throw Maximum Air At Low Rpm Motor To Give Better Cooling Performance .Direct Driven Fan Eliminates Gear Reducer Drives Or ‘V’belt Arrangement  For Regular Maintenance And Sudden Breakdown .It Is Also Less Vibration And Noise Pollution.Fan Available In Aluminum,Frp,And Engineering Polymer

Water Distribution Systems:-There Is No Requirement For Water Pressure Just  Simply Pour Water On Upper Side Mounted Water Trough And Flower Type Nozzles Splash Water Each Space Of Fills Packing .

V’ Bar Type Or Treated Wooden Fills Packings:- ‘V’bar Diamond Punch Type Fills/Treated Imported Woods  Resist In Scale And  Atmsospheric Polution Formation And Constantly Performed Cooling Efficiency .’V’ Bar /Wooden Mounted With Stainless Steel/Hotdipped Galvanised M.S.Steel/Frp Gridd

Canopy:- Specially Designed Canopy Protect Electrical Motor From Rain And Sunrays And Give More Life .

Z’ Type Or Wooden Eleminator:- Z’ Type Pvc  Or Wooden  Eleminator Reduce Water Droplet From Air And Saves Water As Precious Need For Life.

Out Side Z’ Type Or Wooden  Louver Arrangement:- Louvers Arrangement Reducing Water Spill Out From Cooling Tower  Saves Water And Cleanness Near Cooling Tower

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