FRP Bottle shape Cooling Towers

Frp box shape cooling towers


FRP Bottle shape cooling towers are known for superior design and technology. These have made Delta’s DFC-50 Series towers the standard of bottle shape cooling towers. The series has been designed to meet the high standards demanded by engineers, who require a compact, heavy duty and efficient cooling tower with a long service life and an aesthetic design. Proven in many industries for over 2 decades, FRP Bottle Shape Cooling towers have an advantage of compactness and are extensively used in many industries and in HVAC applications. Being round, the air flow through the tower is more evenly distributed. Structural members do not interrupt air intake and therefore they have been proven to be thermodynamically the most efficient design in the field. This translated directly into reducing running costs. The tower offers PVC fills and eliminators in a design that maximizes economy and efficiency. The counter flow design facilitates low pump heads. The water is distributed inside the tower over the fill area through the self rotating sprinkler so as to give an even distribution over the complete fill area.

Image OF FRP Bottle Shape Cooling Towers:

Material used of FRP Bottle Shape Cooling Towers:

Casting :Casting to Tower made of Fibber Glass Reinforced Plastic. The cooling Tower designed and constructed for minimum maintenance and long lasting, you can able to operate in aggressive environment and resistant to water born contaminants.
P.V.C. Fill : A pre – eminent quality and long life fill consists if modular block of honey combs construction to create prolonged contact time of hot air water for maximum heat transfer. The air pressure drop through the fill sincerely negligible.
Drift Eliminator : To reduce carry over losses through entertainment of moisture drops in the air stream by specially designed multi blade rotary drift eliminator made of F.R.P. Aluminium sheets.
sprinkler : The uniform distribution of water over the honey combs fill this sprinkler rotates by self propulsion and eliminated the need for atomising the water through nozzles. The head side include ball bearing requiring minimum maintenance.
Motor : Electro Magnetic designs of the entire range of New India and Bharat Motor covered by 3N series have been developed in keeping with the latest national and international practice and confirm in general to 1 EC recommendations.
Fan : An aero – dynamically axial flow type fan is well balanced construction. The Fan blades are of case aluminium alloy, fan with variable pitched blades is dynamically balanced for low vibration and efficiency.

Features of FRP Bottle Shape Cooling Towers:

1.Robust construction
2.Corrosion resistance
3.Low noise generation
4.Fine finish.