Four Sided Cooling Towers in Saudi Arabia

four sided cooling towers

Four Sided Cooling Towers:

Four sided cooling towers available with us are latest technology based square shape cooling towers that are fabricated using superior quality raw material. Offered at competitive prices, Four sided cooling towers are ideal for multi cell option and have complete FRP casing that ensures optimum protection of the body of the cooling tower. Four sided cooling towers cool the re-cycled water. The towers blend easily with architectural surroundings, giving a unique aesthetic appearance


The Four sided cooling towers designs incorporates a static distribution setup, located above the fill media. Hot water from the application is circulated to the distribution header from which they are dispersed over the fill media by no. of non-clog static nozzles, fitted to the branch pipe of the main header. Water when forced ( 1 to 1.5 kg/scm) through the distribution setups is atomized and sprayed over the fill media. The fan that is coupled directly to the motor draws air across the fill media vertically and in the process takes away the heat from the water. Cold water is collected at the collection sump having the outlet connection through which cold water is circulated to the application. The spray losses are minimized by using adequate drift eliminators. The distinguishing features of our product are compact design Honey comb type PVC fills, with varying flute sizes, to provide maximum contact surface area and heat transfer surface per unit volume.


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  1. FILL :The poly vinyl chloride (PVC) fill is rigid and comprises the honey combed design with very large contact surface area. Its purpose is to split the water and air into different streams so as to increase the time of contact and also heat transfer between both the elements. These fills are available with us in standard size of 24”x 12” x 6” with the thickness of 0.25 mm.
  2. MOTORS : Especially designed for water cooling towers, these motors are enclosed having IP-55 protection. Flange mounted extended shaft motors are weather proof.
  3. DRIFT ELIMINATOR: Made using rigid PVC material. The FRP flappers attached to the sprinkler reduces the drift loss of water.
  4. SPRINKLER: Our sprinklers are available in Brass/ SS/ aluminium/ PVC and the sprinkler pipe that spreads the hot water over the entire space of the fill area. These sprinkler pipes require low pressure to operate and assure uniform & non- clogging water flow.


  1. Piping cost negligible and most suitable for small industrial units.
  2. Very long service lift. 500% more than conventional towers.
  3. Attractive looks.
  4. Higher efficiency (Rate of Cooling).
  5. The fan and the tower body specially designed, to reduce notice.
  6. Checking-up and maintenance jobs simplified.
  7. Unique mechanism applied to water distribution section. No spray formation, water is distributed in the form of large drops.
  8. The water collection sump, also of FRP, is leak-proof and avoids water spillage.
  9. The tower utilises corrosion-proof high efficiency PVC fill.
  10. The ‘Bottle’ type design is highly resistant against strong wind.


  1. Air conditioning,
  2. Refrigeration system,
  3. Chemical process,
  4. Industrial process,
  5. D. G.sets,
  6. Furnaces,
  7. Engines,
  8. Air compressors,
  9. Plastic injection machines.
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