Fin Type Cooling Towers in Saudi Arabia

fin type cooling towers

Fin Type Cooling Towers:

Fin type cooling towers  are produced in forced draught and induced draught designs, and in single and multi-fan arrangements, depending customer specifications and requirements, We are the professional Fin type Cooling towers and air cooled condenser manufacturers, tubes in copper and fins are aluminium MOC we use 5/8’ or 3/8’and ½’ OD copper tubes as per customer specification, all tubes are well expanded tested for pressure and leak. Fin type Cooling towers to our valuable clients. These are manufactured using specialized European technology that assists to stand higher internal pressure. Our range of Fin type Cooling towers also enables us to improve the efficiency of the heat exchangers.

These towers are finned tube bundles with aluminium fins are considerably more lighter, are insensitive to soiling and easy to clean. On the other hand, systems using galvanized steel offer a very long service life of up to 30 years, are extremely resistant to mechanical influences such as hailstorms and provide optimum corrosion protection as aluminium. Fin type air cooling towers are coolers are used in fundamentally different and sometimes extremely difficult ambient conditions.


An extrusion process in which the fins are extruded from the wall of an aluminum tube that is integrally bonded to the base tube for the full length. Wrapping on an aluminum strip that is footed at the base as it is wrapped on the tube. Sometimes serrations are cut in the fins. This causes an interruption of the air boundary layer, which increases turbulence which in turn increases the airside heat transfer coefficient with a modest increase in the air-side pressure drop and the fan horsepower.
The choice of fin types is critical. This choice is influenced by cost, operating temperatures, and the atmospheric conditions. Each type has different heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics. The extruded finned tube affords the best protection of the liner tube from atmospheric corrosion as well as consistent heat transfer from the initial installation and throughout the life of the cooler. This is the preferred tube for operating temperatures up to 600°F. The embedded fin also affords a continued predictable heat transfer and should be used for all coolers operating above 600°F and below 750°F. The wrap-on footed fin tube can be used below 250°F; however, the bond between the fin and the tube will loosen in time and the heat transfer is not predictable with certainty over the life of the cooler.


fin type cooling towers
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  1. A great deal of water gets preserved on using Fin Type Cooler.
  2. Less or no preparation needed as atmospheric air is in abundance
  3. No formation of scale or heat exchanger cleaning is required
  4. There are no mobile parts except for the fan and the motors. Hence the cooling tower maintenance is negligible
  5. Dust, fly ash, living organisms or dirt do not get mixed up with process water
  6. There are no constraints placed on the location of plant
  7. No corrosions caused by air
  8. This cooling tower performance ensures minimal environmental impact
  9. Reduced annual operating expenses.


  1. Petroleum plant,
  2. Power utility,
  3. Steel manufacturing industry,
  4. Cement,
  5. Sugar factures,
  6. Chemical and gas-processing industrials.
  7. Chillier machines,
  8. Refrigeration system