Timber Cooling Towers in Saudi Arabia

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Timber Cooling Towers:

Timber Cooling Towers includes most conventional method [Natural Draft Cooling Towers or Finless Cooling tower] and mechanical type, Induced Draft Counter Flow Cooling tower and Cross Flow Cooling Towers.
Timber Cooling towers are useful for chemical plants, air conditioning plants, induction furnace, injection moulding machine, chilling plants, oxygen plants. diesel generating sets and heat exchangers. And also for steel industries, cement industries, chemical industries, and water effluent treatment industries.
The timber Cooling Towers are having mechanical Fan and the water is cooled with the help of mechanical Fan motor. Timber cooling towers  provides better thermal performance, low drift loss suitable for the current water scarce world. These cooling towers are having the highest Delta T and greater efficiency and lower & easy maintenance cost. Timber cooling towers has both single side and double side air intake. So depends upon the site condition you can prepare the model of the tower. Timber cooling towers can be used for which ever quantity of water-cooling by extending the size and lengths by increasing the Standard Size Pressure treated wooden Frames.


Timper cooling towers
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We manufacture and export Timber Cooling Towers in a variety of options to cater to various requirements of customers. Timber Cooling Towers are provided in Treated Timber Construction with ACB or FRP Casing & Louvers in Cross & Counter flow design. This conventional type Cooling Towers are exported with our “New Age” 1/2 PVC fills & eliminators & with latest high efficient mechanical drives. Also, we provide this tower in multi-cells and in varied capacity ranging from 100 Cu M/Hr. to 3500 Cu M/Hr. in single cell. The entire range of Cooling Towers is designed and developed by highly experienced engineers, who have complete industrial acumen and know well to satisfy the expectations of customers.


  1. Lower operating costs
    Adjustable pitch fans with true air foil blades and 98% efficient Gear reducer drive assure maximum utilization of applied fan power. Computer-optimized fill configurations and low-pressure drop drift eliminators afford maximum cooling with minimum power input. Gravity flow water distribution minimizes pump power requirements.
  2. Lower maintenance costs
    Heavy-duty fibre-reinforced epoxy fans, cast-iron gear reducers, and stainless steel driveshaft’s require only periodic maintenance. Low-maintenance materials are used throughout the cooling tower. Widely-spaced splash fill helps prevent clogging. The fill area is readily accessible for cleaning.
  3. Performance
    Southern  stands by its responsibility for reliable thermal performance. We designed it. We rate it. We guarantee it!
  4. Single-source parts availability
    All tower components except the electric motors are designed, manufactured, and guaranteed by Southern cooling Towers . You always know who to call for any parts you need. You’re also assured that all components of the cooling tower will work together, because they were designed to work together.
  5. Flexible Cooling Capacity
    Lots of  tower models with different capacities per fan cell, provide the flexibility to fit almost any job. Greater capacity is available with multiple fan-cells.
  6. Extremely Low Drift
    Drift eliminators really get rid of the costly nuisance of drift spotting on objects around the tower. The corrosion resistance of PVC assures you that you may never have to replace eliminators for the life of the tower. Herringbone wood drift eliminators are available for certain applications that may encounter high temperatures or a high potential for clogging.
  7. Longer Service Life
    Pressure-treated Radiate Pine wood  structure and splash-fill bars, FRP fill support grids, PVC drift eliminators, and all other tower components are designed for years of service.


  1. Specially designed axial air-foil fan.
  2. blades for low noise levels and lower power consumption.
  3. Moving parts are placed in such a way that they can be easily removed and repaired.
  4. We have a wide base working platform to ease the tedious maintenance process.
  5. We have a water level control system that controls that maintains a constant level of water in the Cooling tower basin.
  6. Hot Dipped galvanized cooling tubes to avoid corrosion and maximum heat exchange with the cooling medium. For better
  7. conduction of heat we also provide copper tubes instead of GI.
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