Bottle Shape forced Draft Cooling Towers in Saudi Arabia

Squre shape forced draft

Bottle Shape Forced Draft Cooling Towers:

Bottle Shape forced draft Cooling Towers  are compact, heavy duty and efficient cooling tower with a long services life & aesthetic design. Owing to these features, these cater to various industries and HVACapplications.
Due to the self rotating sprinkler, the water is properly distributed over the PVC Fills. The shape facilitates in desired airflow. Being round in structure, the air flow of the tower is properly distributed. Thermo dynamically efficient, structural members never interrupt air intake. This directly causes reduction in running costs.


Bottle shape forced draft Cooling Towers is one of the leading manufacturers of compact and space saving FRP cooling towers. In FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) cooling towers, multiple fibbers are joined mutually and are available in form of mat. The mat is joined together with polyester resin, accelerator and catalyst. Being round, the air flow through the towers is more evenly distributed. Structural members do not interrupt air intake and therefore they have been proven to be thermodynamically the most efficient design in the field. This translated directly into reducing running costs. The towers offers PVC fills and eliminators in a design that maximizes economy and efficiency. The counter flow design facilitates low pump heads. The water is distributed inside the towers over the fill area through the self rotating sprinkler so as to give an even distribution over the complete fill area.


bottle shape forced draft
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  1. Saving in water consumption
        The exit air velocity in forced draft cooling towers being low, the carry over water loss is just 0.05 %, as compared to 0.2 % in other induced draft cooling towers. Forced draft cooling towers being closed from all the sides have a negligible spillage loss. This also eliminates any algae formation around the cooling tower.
  2. Saving in space consumption
       The clearance required for forced draft cooling towers is only from one side in the fan direction. Thereby, saving 50 % of effective space required, as compared to other induced draft cooling towers.
  3. Saving in power consumption
       The actual power consumed by forced draft cooling tower fan motor is less, as they handle dry air, as compared to other induced draft cooling towers, which handle humid air.
  4. Gravity flow un-pressurised distribution system
       Bottle shape Forced draft cooling towers operate with twin headers, ensuring uniform distribution of hot water throughout the cross section of fill pack. The hot water distribution is completely gravity flow. Other induced draft round bottle shape cooling towers operate with moving sprinkler & branch pipe, which always have more possibility of blockage of branch holes, thus, effecting efficiency. Moreover, the distribution system of forced draft cooling towers can be cleaned, while the system is in operation, without a shut down. In case of round bottle shape induced draft cooling tower, the distribution system can only be attended, when the complete system is under shut down.


  1. Saving in power consumption
  2. Saving in space consumption
  3. Saving in water consumption
  4. Easy maintenance during cooling tower in operation
  5. Reduced down time
  6. Higher range of cooling towers are designed with multiple fans and multiple motors, enabling the user to operated the cooling tower on part load, whenever required
  7. All components are easily accessible during operation
  8. Very low drift losses
  9. Can be operated with centrifugal fans for soundless operation
  10. Minimum clearance required for installation.


  1. AC & refrigeration plants
  2. Cold storage & ice plants
  3. DG sets
  4. Induction furnace
  5. Air compressors
  6. Plastic Industries
  7. Industrial process applications
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