Manufacturers & Exporters of Water Cooled Water Chiller in Alnatham

Industrial chillers are used in all industries to control products, mechanisms and plant machinery cooling. They are commonly used in injection molding and blow molding in the plastics industry, metalworking cutting oils, welding equipment, die casting and machining, chemical processing, pharmaceutical development, food and beverage processing, paper making, cement processing, vacuum systems, X-ray diffraction, electricity Supply and power stations, analytical equipment, semiconductors, compressed air and gas cooling. They are also used to cool high thermal energy projects such as MRI and laser, and in hospitals, hotels and campuses. Industrial applications of chillers can be centralized, each unit cooling to meet multiple needs, or dispersed in each application or device with its own chiller. Each method has its advantages. It may also have a combination of central and decentralized chillers, especially when the cooling requirements are the same for some applications or use points, but not all.

Water cooled water chillers feature high stability without being influenced by ambient temperature. Even in hot weather, they can work stably and quietly with high efficiency. With little demand for installation space, and no heat exhaust into the surrounding air, water cooled chiller units can be located either indoor or outdoor. 

Water-cooled screw chiller is a new generation of screw chillers developed by Shenzhen Jinhua Li Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. The unit has 52 standard specifications, the cooling range of 78900kcal / h ~ 6361500kcal / h, chilled water temperature adjustment range of 5 ~ 20 ℃.

Hot recovery water-cooled screw chillers are widely used in hotels, hospitals, sauna baths, large factories and other places, In addition, in addition to standard specifications, but also according to user requirements made all kinds of special units (high voltage, other power supply system and sea water products).

Performance and Advantages

1. Advanced high-performance twin-screw compressor matching high-quality condenser and evaporator, the use of advanced processing technology produced from all products through the national testing system testing, in line with national standards.

2. Unit design is reasonable, beautiful appearance, and high-end use of the site complement each other.

3. Rely on the unit cooling produced by the waste heat to produce hot water, completely energy-consuming, and without any emissions pollution.

4. With a variety of units operating safety protection measures to ensure the operation of the unit and customer safety. Heat recovery work, the unit can replace the boiler, electric heaters and other safety hazards of the heating device.


1. Why choose a water-cooled box chiller? Since many companies used to dissipate heat through cooling towers, there are cooling towers and cooling water pumps in the factory. Water-cooled chillers themselves need water towers to provide cooling water. Therefore, companies only need to purchase chillers at no cost. Equipment cost. (Note: Air-cooled chillers do not require auxiliary equipment, but the price of the mainframe is much more expensive than the water-cooled chiller)

2. Stability of the cooling effect: The water-cooled box chiller dissipates heat through the cooling tower, and its cooling effect is not affected by environmental factors, so the cooling stability is very high. In particular, the sealed case can prevent dust and other debris from entering the unit and affecting the accessories. The control panel on the front of the chassis makes the unit’s operating status clear.

3, water-cooled box chiller is generally very durable in the process of use, generally used for ten years and eight years will not be a problem, but if it is used for operational damage, then in use The results that can be achieved by time will be much worse. Therefore, in the process of using the chiller, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct way of use, and regular maintenance, so that the chiller can be used for a longer period of time when it is used.

4. The flexibility of the water-cooled box chiller. In the case of low ambient temperature in winter, the chiller and pipeline valves can be closed, and the cooling demand of the plant can be directly achieved through the cooling tower, and the refrigeration can be fully turned on when the summer temperature is high. In addition, the power of this series of chillers is generally not too large, so at the time of production, the bottom of the unit is equipped with four casters, which can save manpower during the handling process.

5, High-quality equipment in the use of people will feel more peace of mind, rest assured, no fear of bad phenomena in the process of use. The chiller is the same, but it is not easy to use when using the chiller, and there is a close relationship with our operation. If you want the chiller to work well when you use it, the basic precautions and maintenance during this operation cannot be ignored.

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