Leading Manufacturer & Exporters of FRP Cooling Tower in Doripalli

Leading Manufacturer of FRP Cooling Tower from Ahmedabad.

Being a customer oriented organization, we are deeply engaged in offering a wide array of FRP Cooling Tower.

We are counted as one of the illustrious exporters, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of this range of Cooling Tower & Spare. These products are developed and designed by well-known skilled pros. Known for their rust proof nature, dimensional accuracy, robust construction, durability, superb performance, fine finish and high tensile strength, these products are applicable in various industries.

The Tower Casting body drivens is made of tough fibre glass reinforces plastic and has sufficient structural strenghth to withstand high wind velocity and vibrations causing is fabrcated in segments dully matched at works and aerodynamic counters are achieved for best fan perfomance.

CASING :- Casing of tower is made of fiber glass/reinforced plastic. The cooling tower is designed and constructed for minimum maintenance and long life. You can operate in aggressive environment & resistant water born contaminats.

P.V.C. FILL :- A pre-eminent quilaty and long life fill consists of modular block of PVC honey combs construction to create prolonged contact time of hot air with water for maximum heat transfer. The air pressure drop through the fill is negligible.

SPRINKLER :- The uniform distribution of water over the honey combs fills this sprinkler, rotates by self propulsion and eliminates the need for atomising the water nozzles. The head side includes ball bearing requiring minimum maintenance.

MOTOR :- Electo Magnetic designs of the entire range of New India and Bharat Motor covered by 3N series have been developed in keeping with the Latest national and international practices and confirm in general to 1 EC recommendations.

FAN :- An aero-dynamically designed axial flow type fan is a well balanced construction. The fan blades are of case aluminium alloy. Fan with variable pitched blades is dynamically balanced for low vibration and high efficiency.

Nozzles :- Nozzles are constructed of Brass/Plastic Nylon used in cooling tower. The design ensures a fine water spray system.

Advantages of Round Type Cooling Tower

Round shape cooling tower gives 100% cooling efficiencies it’s give good appearance flow rate from 5 M³/Hr To 550 M³/Hr gives differences in temperature 4ºC To30 ºC Availability of Capacities from 5 TR T0 600 TR.
The bottle shaped FRP cooling tower is utilized in several industries and has the following features. • All the components have a modular and compact design
• The casing and the design has an exclusive circular design. Therefore no impact of the direction of prevailing wind is encountered.
• This FRP water cooling tower has a very efficient sprinkler head system that is rotative and is made of aluminum alloy
• Axial flow fans that are designed aerodynamically with adjustable pitch are used
• The bottle shaped FRP cooling tower helps conserve power
• Quiet operation is ensured
• The sump is given easy access with a galvanized mesh of hot dip. This is done to avoid entry to foreign objects into the water basin
• The possibility of corrosion and rust gets minimized due to the framework steel components that are galvanized hot dip Though the cooling tower maintenance is not difficult, it is important.

Round Type Cooling Tower Maintenance

• Efficient treatment of water
• Prevent scale deposits
• Do way with or clean spray nozzles that get clogged
• Adequate air flow should be ensured
• Adequate performance of pump also should be assured

Round shape Cooling Towers Spares

PVC Fill : A good quality fill and is of long life too.
Drift Eliminator: The carry over losses due to moisture drops.
Sprinkler: Due to the even water distribution over the honey comb fills.
Fan: flow type fan that is aero dynamically designed is of well balanced construction. we have availability of FRP fan and Aluminum fan

We also offer a unique portfolio of services like- Wide range of cross flow and counter flow cooling towers along with conversions, Cooling towers in variety of material of constructions like pultruted FRP, Timber, RCC, Steel, etc., Performance evaluation & performance upgradations of cooling towers, Supply of spares for any make of cooling towers.

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