Exporters of Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller in Halekotta

Industrial Chiller are highly demanded in commercial sector for its capability to perform under extreme conditions. The chiller is known for the quality and ability to cool higher quantity in on go. Chilled water or any other liquid from the machine is pumped out through laboratory equipment. These chillers are used to control level of cooling in other product or machines in various industries. The product is basically a refrigeration system that cools a process fluid with the use of vapor compression or absorption cycle. Structure of Industrial Chillers is made robust and every part of it is rust resistant which makes the machine durable for long time.

The air cooler contains an insulated water tank and a water pump, without a cooling tower to dissipate heat.It is easy to install and move. However, it has higher requirements on the working environment. First of all, as it is cooled by hot air circulation, if the ventilation effect of the installation workshop is not good, it will directly affect the cooling effect of the chiller. As the steam was ejected from the roof with wind cooled chiller, if you want to put the chiller in a dust-free workshop with humidity requirements, it is better to install a water cooled chiller. 

Benefits of Air Cooled Chillers

Air Cooled Chillers are often an excellent process cooling option to water cooled chillers because they are closed loop systems. Closed loop systems have the ability to offer instantaneous cooling to plant processes as well as offer significant savings in water usage by recirculating coolant/water.

Our air cooled chillers are designed to be ‘plug and play’ for ease of operation. The plug and play design closed loop systems are designed to minimize maintenance costs lowering the lifetime cost of the unit. The majority of regular maintenance that needs to be performed on an air cooled chiller is the cleaning of the condenser, maintaining water PH level of 7, and ensuring proper air flow around the unit is maintained.


Our standard and custom units have been used for applications in all industries, notably:

  • Dynamometers
  • Presses
  • Mining
  • Injection Molding
  • Extrusion
  • Blow Molding
  • Laser Cutting
  • Welding
  • Optics
  • High Altitude
  • MRI Cooling
  • Linear Accelerator Cooling
  • Medical Chillers
  • Military
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Breweries, Wineries, Food Processing
  • Jacketed Vessels
  • Laboratories
  • Machine Tools
  • Printers
  • Hydraulic Cooling
  • Data Center Cooling
  • and many more!
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