Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Finned Tube Heat Exchanger in Dhasapalli

Finned tubes are used in heat exchangers where the heat transfer coefficient is much higher on one side of the heat exchanger than the other. For general industry, these applications typically involve the heating or cooling of air or other gases.
The application of fins increases the heat transfer surface area in contact with the fluid with lower heat transfer coefficient.

We Specializes in the production of various types of finned tubes applicable in heating or cooling transfer systems. We have gained great reputation from our clients due to our stringent quality control standards and constant product innovations.

Finned Tube Heat Exchangers consist of a shell & finned tubes assembly. Finned Tube Heat Exchangers consists of Fins on or in tubes which increase the effective surface area of heat exchanger.

Finned tubes are used when the heat transfer coefficient on the outside of the tubes is appreciably lower than that on the inside; as in heat transfer from a liquid to a gas, vapour to a gas, such as steam to air heat exchanger, fluid to air heat exchanger. When an extended surface is needed on only one fluid side (such as in a gas to liquid exchanger) or when the operating pressure needs to be contained on one fluid side, a finned tube heat exchanger may be selected.

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger is a pressure vessel which cools a circulating fluid within finned tubes by forcing ambient air over the exterior of the tubes. It does not required water. Major Elements of Finnned Tube Heat Exchanger: Tubes, Fins and Fan (Actuating Device for Heat Transfer) Finned Tube Material: The material selection is made as per Process Application, And Cost of Heat Exchangers

We use following materials for Constructions: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Admiralty brass, Copper and Exotic Alloys, Seamless, and Welded Stainless Steels, Seamless, and Welded, 2205 Duplex, Copper Nickel, Admiralty Brass, Titanium.

Fin Materials: We use mostly Aluminum Fins and Copper Wire Fins for Specific Applications. Galvanized Iron Fins – For Low cost Projects.

Types of Finned Tube Heat Exchanger:

  1. Stainless Steel Finned Tube Heat Exchangers
  2. Copper Finned Tube Heat Exchangers
  3. Finned Coil Heat Exchangers
  4. Brazed Fin Heat Exchanger
  5. Aluminium Finned Heat Exchanger

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