Industrial Glycol Chiller Suppliers and Manufacturers in Doripalli

Glycol chillers are refrigeration systems which circulate an anti-freeze and water solution to help cool a variety of equipment and processes. These chillers use an anti-freeze called glycol from which they receive their name. Since glycol is a food grade anti-freeze, these types of chillers are most frequently used in the food and beverage industry. A glycol chiller is actually a refrigeration system that is used to cool a bath or tub of an antifreeze called “propylene glycol”, or just “glycol” for short. This cooled liquid is pumped though a looped circuit of tubing connected to the input and output sections of the glycol chiller.
Glycol is used for certain chillers over water because glycol is an antifreeze and so, can be cooled below freezing temperatures without freezing, this in turn makes the cooling more effective. Another reason is that glycol acts as a lubricant for the chiller pump and holds temperature better than water in longer tubing runs. Some glycol chillers might also have a heater introduced into the glycol systems to heat the glycol instead of cooling it. This can be very helpful in cold weather when you want the fermentation process to complete quickly. Finally, it is important to make sure that the correct mix of antifreeze fluid protection is put in the chiller for effective performance.
We designed with high quality, complete configuration, perfect protection, warning system, particularly for high-end analytical instruments. They are equipped with selective water purification devices, alarm protection of water flow, level and overheat. We are able to provide communications between the serial interface of RS232/RS485 and matching equipment with plentiful communication instructions. They can also provide the standard parallel interfaces of WP7 and WP12 developed and able to control the on and off of chillers. What’s more, the connections between the interface standard of customers’ equipment and chillers can also be made according to customer requirements.

●Intelligent PID temperature control with high precision;
●Vertical appearance design with beautiful shape, small area occupation;
●Automatic start-up can be set with software;
●Standard configuration for water level alarm system;
●Optimized for water flow alarm system;
●Adopted water circulating pump with low noise and high performance;
●Stainless steel bucket with large opening;
●Optimized for ion exchange resin and the conductivity detector;
●Small, compact foot print for a floor model chiller
●Fast cool down rates, 0 to -80C in minutes
●Industrial chiller in a compact design RS-485/232 Interface
●Intelligent PID temperature control with high precision .

Typical Applications
Glycol chillers are commonly used for cooling fermentation tanks, brite tanks, and wort coolers in the brewing industry. Glycol chillers are used to provide reliable temperature control for fermentation and storage temperatures. Glycol chillers come as high, medium, or low temperature chillers.

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