Industrial Hydraulic Oil Chiller Manufactures in Idipalli

The hydraulic oil water chiller is applied to plastics industry to precisely control moulds temperature so that molding cycle can be reduced and quality would be improved. Also our series can be applicable for electronic and machinery manufacturing to ensure normal operation temperature for devices.

Oil Chillers are electrical devices that extract latent heat from the oil of the transformer, dimmer or a motor and transfer it away into the outside air. It takes the oil from the unit and cools it within its built in the oil tank and again transfers it back to the unit. We provide another type of Chiller which is an externally operated chiller. This Chiller surrounds the body of the unit with copper plates and cools down the unit body externally. Our Oil Chillers provides the fairly low-cost chilling solution and can cool down the unit thrice fast compared to the blower fans.

Our products have enormous demand for their features like high efficiency, quality and reliability. In the process of offering best grade products to customers we check the quality of products at every stage. The complete array can be availed by our customers at highly competitive price.

Oil Chillers are used to maintain precise oil temperatures in hydraulic machinery like presses, powerpacks die-casting machines etc. Atlas oil chillers are designed to work under extreme hot weather conditions and handle very high oil temperatures. Our hydraulic oil chillers keep the hydraulic machinery safe by keeping the oil temperature within the desired range. Atlas Thermal Systems supplies these machines in different capacities. Our hydraulic oil chillers are fabricated to function under hostile industrial environment and gives hassle-free operations.


  • Newest imported compressors and high-efficient condenser,evaporator, strong cooling ability, silent and energy-saving, micro-computer comprehensive control, easy operation(optional).
  • Adopting newest stainless-steel open style oil tank, convenient to clean and maintain.
  • Current overloaded protection, Low & High pressure protection and electronic time delaying protection device and other abnormal condition indication system.
  • Screen liquid crystal display of chill oil outlet and inlet with temperature setting (Options available)
  • Elegant appearance through industrial design, optimizing relationships between human and machine.

Industries where our products find application are:

  • Special Purpose Machines
  • Injection Moulding machines
  • Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Die Casting machines
  • Spindle Head cooling
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Broaching machines
  • Component Quenching
  • Machine tools
  • Honing machines
  • Pipe Bending machines
  • Deep hole drilling machines
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