The company started their manufacturing with ROUND COOLING TOWER. It is a technically superior and complete one among its peers, with a rotary sprinkler which ensures that not a square inch of the transfer area is left dry. The design of the shell structure facilitates the smooth air draught and prevents any dead air packets. The water basin with the suction tank is scientifically designed so that even when only the suction tank is full the pump with not run dry due to air lock.

Cast Aluminium Fan – These are gravity / die cast fans for displacing high volume of air while being light in weight. Made from LM- 6 grade Aluminium ingots

PVC FillsĀ  – The widely accepted heat transfer medium. These ultra violet stabilised and rigid PVC Fills increases effective heat transfer area for optimum cooling

Cooling Tower Motor – These are high Electrical Efficiency motors for driving the fan. The totally enclosed surface cooled motor with IP- 55 protection can be installed in the open without any cover for the motor.

Rotary Spinkler – This rotating sprinkler distributes the incoming water evenly over the entire fill area. It rotates at a speed of 12 to 16 RPM.