Injection Moulding Cooling Tower

Injection Moulding Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is a heat rejection device that transfers waste heat from a process to the atmosphere though the cooling of the recirculated water. The type of heat rejection is commonly termed “evaporative cooling” in that the process heat energy is absorbed by the evaporation of a small portion of the circulated flow there by reducing the temperature of remaining water for reuse. Cooling towers can commonly provide lower water temperatures than are attainable with “air cooled” or “dry” heat rejection devices.

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) Construction: All our towers feature FRP Fan Stack, Casing and Water Basins. The FRP panels are both corrosion and chemical resistant. The gelcoat finish includes UV inhibitors to protect the tower from the damaging effects of the sun.

Motors: All motors are UL recognized TEFC construction, and specially designed for our application. The motors are VFD rated, with frequency drive control panels available as a factory option.

Fan Blades: All tower fans feature cast aluminum construction and provide a large volume of stable air at low noise levels. The fan pitch is adjustable in the field to optimize the performance and to account for variance in static pressure.

Tower Fill: Our tower fill is constructed of thermoformed PVC to ensure uniform density across the entire deck. The PVC material is resistant to both chemical and biological attack. The sheets are UV protected and meet the CTI STD-136 for rigid PVC. (Limited to 115F continuous duty.) Premium fill with higher temperature ratings is also available upon request.

Inlet Louvers: Our PVC inlet louvers are designed to allow maximum inlet air while limiting unwanted splash from the tower fill. The PVC material is UV protected and is resistant to both chemical and biological attack.

Support Structure: The tower support structure and motor frame are constructed of shot dipped galvanized steel. Optional Stainless Steel components are available upon request.

Ladders and Safety Railing: All Welltech towers are equipped with OSHA standard ladders and safety railings to allow safe and easy access during inspection and maintenance. These are available in standard hot dipped galvanized or optional Stainless Steel.

Water Distribution System: Water is distributed across the fill deck though a FRP distribution pan. The pan is easily accessible for inspection and service. There are no moving parts or spray nozzles which makes the system virtually maintenance free. FRP basin covers are provided to keep the tower clean.