Manufacturers of Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller

Manufacturers of Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller

We are leading in manufactures of air cooled industrial water chiller. The air-cooled unit is equipped with various safety protection devices, with stable performance, low noise, and long service life; the compressor can automatically alternate operation according to load changes, which saves energy and extends the life of the chiller. The whole machine shell box structure, beautiful appearance, compact structure, can check the operation of the unit at any time; the unit can have its own water tank and circulating water pump according to the cooling capacity, without cooling tower and cooling water pump, simple and convenient installation and maintenance.

Product Feature:

With high-quality hand name pumps, thisĀ air cooled industrial water chiller has long-lasting durability.

This excellent pipe insulation design is able to prevent local convection of the pipeline.

The box type evaporator is provided with an automatic water replenishing device.

It is really easy to clean and there is no special need for maintaining.

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