Exporters of Water Cooled Chiller for Plastic Injection

Exporters of Water Cooled Chiller for Plastic Injection

As a leading water-cooled screw chiller manufacturer with almost 10 years of experience since 2010, Welltech provides a complete range of water-cooled screw chiller the series. Water chiller can automatically alternate operation according to cooling capacity loading change, balancing the loading of the compressor, greatly extending the service life of the chiller unit, make sure the chiller unit running of more than 50000 hours without any fault.

Main Specification:

1) .Cooling capacity from 7℃ to 35℃, or if need lower outlet temperature please inform us change the offer;

2) .Stainless insulated water tank and anti-freeze thermostat can provide from us;

3) .R22/R407c/R404a/R134a refrigerant used as standard for efficient cooling.

4) .Refrigeration loop controlled by high and low pressure switches.

5) .Compressor and pump overload relays.

6) .Tube-in-shell condenser design for quick heat transfer and excellent heat radiation.

7) .Tube-in-shell evaporator for excellent cooling.

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