Manufacturers of High Quality FRP Cooling Towers

Manufacturers of High Quality FRP Cooling Towers

Welltech is Manufacturers of High Quality FRP Cooling Towers Is dedicated in producing and exporting cooling tower , wooden tower and other cooling tower accessories for many years. All productions are accord with industrial and international standard. And our company get the ISO 9001 Certification.

The FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) fan specially developed for the transverse flow cooling tower by spender manufacturing co., LTD. (with large rotation arc length, large intake surface, the noise during operation is concentrated on the tail of the blade, so as to minimize the noise generated by the transmission part).The three-dimensional filling material structure slows down the water flow speed. The water pressure of the inlet can be 0 through the natural gravity distribution of the perforated plate, and the water drops can flow directly into the water through the precise water level control of the inlet float valve, almost eliminating the water flow noise.

The Hot Water Enters Through Hot Water Inlet That Passes Through Sprinkler By Perforated Branch Pipe Which Distributes The Water Evenly.

This Water Is Spread Over The Heat Exchange Fills. Then, The Water Flows Downward As A Thin Film Through The Fill In Direct Contact With Ambient Air Moving Upwards In A Counter Flow Direction.

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