Manufacturers of Induced Draft Counter Flow Cooling Tower

Manufacturers of Induced Draft Counter Flow Cooling Tower

We are specialized in manufacturing a wide range of cross flow FRP cooling tower, which are manufactured using computer based design techniques. In our range of cross flow cooling tower, hot water to be automizer ejected through the nozzle and thoroughly mixed with air and resultant better performance.

The cooling tower draws the air through the side and the upwards moving hot water gets collected in the FRP basin fitted on the top and the air passes through the target nozzles and over the PVC fills.


  • Fixed PP Non clog type virgin quality nozzle automized (spray) the hot water broken into smaller particles there itself cooling takes place

  • No such hassles

  • No moving parts

  • Nozzles are virgin materials

  • Drift eliminators made out of PVC honey comp structure in construction packed tightly above the nozzle area

  • It gives smooth path to the airflow 

  • It helps in Restricting the water vapor carry over with hot air

  • It results in evaporation loss will be much lesser

  • Better cooling efficiency 

  • Automizer of hot water spread evenly at the same time through the fills area with the helps of no of nozzles fitted in the branches from the main manifold.

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