Exporters of FRP Square Cooling Towers

Exporters of FRP Square Cooling Towers

Welltech  realized that the true test of Manufacturers and Exporters of FRP Square Cooling Towers occurs in the field, not in the factory. For this reason, we commits customer support both before and after the installation. Now a day’s water has become very precious and it can’t be wasted. In these days of water scarcity and growing industrial needs cooling tower is the necessary medium for the process industry in order to cool the hot water and again reuse the same water in the process. We engages in designing, manufacturing, servicing cooling towers and supplying Cooling towers to the industrial, refrigeration and HVAC markets. We provide optimum cooling to every application. Cooling towers products are designed to meet the thermal performance, energy saving, environmental friendliness with best performing, proven and innovative solutions.

Cast aluminium fan

These gravity fans are meant to help in the displacement of a high volume of air while they are light.

Cooling Tower PVC fills

This cooling tower PVC fill aims to help in enhancing heat transfer for maximum cooling.

Cooling tower splash nozzles

The FPR square cooling tower comes with cooling tower spray nozzles which help in hot water distribution in the cooling tower.


The cooling tower motor is meant for driving the fan.