Manufacturer of Square Type Counterflow Cooling Tower

Manufacturer of Square Type Counterflow Cooling Tower

The cooling tower adopts steel frame and glass fiber reinforced plastic enclosure structure, and is equipped with energy recovery type FRP air cylinder low-resistance high-efficiency flame-retardant strength water-filling filler, high-efficiency fan, low-resistance high-efficiency water collector.

The product can reduce the energy consumption of the chiller, save energy, ensure the efficient operation of the chiller, and is suitable for a variety of climates. Small in size, low in height, light in weight, beautiful in appearance, compact in structure and light in height, especially suitable for installation in indoors and balconies where the narrow height of the site is restricted, and the cooling effect is good and the running noise is low.

Difference between square type crossflow closed circuit cooling tower and Traditional open cooling tower

The cooling water of the open cooling tower is in direct contact with the air in the packing for heat exchange, so the purity of the cooling water system cannot be maintained, and the cooling water inevitably absorbs dust and bacteria in the air. In the closed cooling tower, the cooling water flows in the coil, and the spray water and air are outside the disc, so the cooling water and the outside air are not in contact, and the purity of the cooling water system can be kept forever.

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