Exporters of Cross Flow Square Cooling Tower

Exporters of Cross Flow Square Cooling Tower

Welltech Cooling Systems , Coimbatore ” ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company is widely known as the recognized leader in the manufacturers, suppliers and Exporters of Cross Flow Square Cooling Tower The type cooling tower is an advanced product summing up of many years’ experience of designing and manufacturing cooling tower, special in large-scale field erection cooling tower, and combining the newest technology of the cooling tower industry at home and abroad.

This Square shape cross flow cooling tower intake air in two sides. The fan is on the top of the cooling tower. The air intake the cooling tower from two sides of the cooling tower, making heat change for the hot water. The fills adopts the fills sheet with salient point, the fills sheet bonded into a whole, enhance the strength, the salient point in two side of the sheet can avoid the water drip dropping down directly, thus to improve the efficiency of water film formation.

Cross Flow Square Cooling Water Tower Features:

1. Frame adopt the national standard Tang Gang, high hardness, thick material, load-bearing capacity, surface hot galvanized treatment.

2. Body casing material, surface layer of plastic used wax layer + 33 # gel coat layer, hard and durable, g toughness, high hardness, acid

3. All the tower with stainless steel screws, durable and not rust. This is customized parts.

4. Exhaust system using high-quality copper core motor and aluminum alloy blade, wear-resistant, high temperature

5. oblique pattern design PVC film to reduce the flow rate, increase the heat transfer area, greatly improve the cooling effect

6. Other: stainless steel float copper valve, nylon cable knot, high temperature corrosion resistance.