Exporters of Induced Draft FRP Square Cooling Tower

Exporters of Induced Draft FRP Square Cooling Tower

Our company is engaged in providing a huge array of  Exporters of Induced Draft FRP Square Cooling Tower . These are fabricated using the best grade quality components. Our towers work on the principle of counter flow, which results in the flow of water while the air is pulled upwards by a fan. Thus, the air that is generated is fresher, cooler and less saturated.

The FRP Square type cooling towers offered by us are light in weight and can be easily installed on the roof without any special reinforcement. These towers are provided with a direct driven axial fan, which ensures that the system is free from problems faced with belt & gear drives. The main features of this tower include less air resistance to water, saving in operational costs, Resistant to waterborne bacteria and organisms And light in weight and low power consumption.

Design Specifications:

The non rusting Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) casing & basin, circular in shape, eliminates special installation requirements. Prevailing wind directions will not affect tower performance.


The tower casing is made of FRP. This material is light in weight, durable and non-corrosive. The resilient nature of FRP and adequate structural strength will provide an additional margin of safety during high wind velocities and vibrations.


Our standard fill is constructed of a honeycombed PVC film. This honeycomb construction ensures even water distribution and high efficiency water to air heat transfer. The fill shall with stand a maximum inlet water temperature of 55 C.

Drift Eliminator:

It is of PVC fixed type and ensure water carry over losses shall not exceed 0.05% of circulating water flow.

Water Distribution System:

It is static water distribution system made of GI/PVC pipe with multiple branch arms and HDPE spray nozzles for low pressure drop and uniform water distribution throughout the fill area. We can also supply Rotary Sprinkler as per client’s requirement.


Basin is made of FRP and its completely leak proof. which avoids spillage and seepage of water. It is deep sump to ensure maximum water level at all times.


The axial flow direct driven fans have been specifically designed for cooling tower use. It is made of cast aluminum blades and hub. They provide a large volume of stable air at low pressure while maintaining desired low noise levels.

Electric Motor:

Specially designed totally enclosed vertical flange mounted motors with extended threaded shaft and sealed top is supplied with cooling tower. The motor is having weather proof IP-55 degree of protection, suitable for hot and humid atmosphere.

Supporting Structure:

All supporting structure is of hot Dip Galvanized Steel.