Exporters of Twin Cooling Tower

Exporters of Twin Cooling Tower

One of the most experienced in manufacturer and Exporters of Twin Cooling Tower in FRP cooling tower , Welltech  is  an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that has been engaged in production and development of superior grade  since 2010. Having at our disposal a team of expert design and sales engineers, we manage to create leading edge products that place us at the forefront of our segment.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic is one of the strongestand most durable materials in the world. FRP is a composite material made up of fibreglass reinforcements and polymer resins. and other Additives such as pigments, UV inhibitors, fire retardant, etc

Square cooling towers are considered a cost-effective substitute for other cooling towers. Towertech, being a cooling tower manufacturer also offers installation. Towers are designed with nozzles to distribute water evenly over the filling area. Mostly designed either with PVC or heat-tolerant ABS material, square cooling towers are usually designed using fiberglass reinforced plastic, making them weather resistant and corrosion-free. One of the promising advantages of using a square cooling tower is the functioning of the drift eliminator towards reducing entrainment of water up to 0.02 percent of the flow rate.

Added Features Of Square Cooling Towers Include

  • Square cooling towers are available as per customer requirements. For example, in a single cell and multi-cell.
  • The product is factory fabricated and commonly assembled at the job site.
  • The capacity of square cooling towers can be customized for both single cells as well as multicell products.
  • The product can be used in chemical plants, heavy industrial belts, power generation, HVAC, pharmaceutical plants, steel industries, and heating furnaces.