Manufacturers of FRP Bottle Cooling Tower with Basin

Manufacturers of FRP Bottle Cooling Tower with Basin

Welltech Cooling Tower is well-known Manufacturers of FRP Bottle Cooling Tower with Basin  and exporters from India. The company has specialization in offering cooling tower for different types of requirement. Our vision is to offer superior quality product to the client with the help of the great experience. We have been involved into the same business and providing cooling solutions

The FRP Bottle Cooling Tower with Basin is a technologically advanced product, preferred for its excellent design and efficiency. Due to its round shape, the air flow inside the tower can be evenly adjusted. This helps to distribute the air evenly inside the tower. It has a hot water inlet at the bottom collection sump. The water is circulated vertically to the mechanical rotary sprinkler which is found above the fill media.

Inside the round shaped tower, also known as the bottle cooling tower, the inlet water pressure rotates the sprinkler. It has extended arm pipes with orifices which help to evenly disperse the water over the fill media. Water loses its latent heat as it passes through the fill media.

The fan, directly coupled with the tower motor, helps to eliminate the remaining heat through evaporation. As the warm moist air is released into the atmosphere, cold water is collected at the collection sump. The cooled water is then re-circulated back to its source.

Salient Features

  • Induced-draft counter flow
  • Highly efficient honeycomb PVC fill
  • Self supporting design in FRP material
  • Minimum usage of MSHDG components
  • Aero foil shape energy efficient hollow FRP Fan Blades
  • Low operating weight
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