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Welltech Cooling Systems are known for making engineering solution which results in unique technology to manufacture, design and commissioning of all kind of non-traditional cooling towers, heat exchangers and chillers.Our products are accepted widely by domestic and in International Market. We set our self-high standard parameters for the fabrication quality and speed delivery.

Our Team

We are functioning with the help of a highly competent team which recruited from industrious professionals, which holds tremendous expertise in manufacturing a flawless range of equipment for refrigeration and cooling systems. All these professionals are highly educated. Owing to their dedication and sincere approach, We are able to meet the exceeding demands of our clients. Our Team Comprises Management executives Quality controllers Administrative Staffs Skilled/technical staffs Semi skilled and unskilled workers.

A world class supplier, satisfying customers, shareholders and employees. To expand qualitative manufacture and services with proper marketing infrastructure, thereby meeting customer’s requirement of quality and timely delivery resulting in cost advantages to the customer.

Our Vision

Information on new manufactures and new products. We built solid business contacts with a pool of vendors who understand the requirement and have immense respect for ethical business practices. The vendors get chosen on merit and we ensure to check their credibility before getting into alliance with them.

Why to choose WELLTECH?

WELLTECH COOLING SYSTEMS is the leading manufacturer of heat exchangers, Cooling Towers, Chillers and Spare parts of Cooling Tower & Chillers in India, We aslo provide manufacturing of oil coolers, shell tube heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger. Ever since it came into the being, the company has been looking after the needs of various industries and promising the finest quality and unmatched services.We provide our service all over India to our clients. We have a notable presence pan India with the clientele in numerous states across the country. Our clients range from a wide array of sectors like Chemical, Petrochemical, Refineries, Biotech, Paper, Oil, Steel, Textile, Fertilizers and Cosmetic industry.


Plate heat exchangers incorporate metal plates to facilitate efficient heat transfer between the two fluids. 

They are better than the conventional heat exchangers because fluids get a larger surface area as they spread over the plates. The transfer of heat and speed of temperature change is swift. The heat exchangers are also utilized in hot-water sections of combination boilers. They are widely used in domestic heating appliances.

Type of Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Plate heat exchanger: This type of heat exchanger uses metal plates in order to transfer the heat between the two fluids.
  • Welded plate heat exchanger: In these types of heat exchanger, the plates are welded in order to enhance the pressure, as well as temperature limits.
  • Pasteurizer: It is used for the heat treatment of milk. It is used in food and beverage industry.

The design

The plate heat exchangers are made up of many corrugated stainless-steel sheets. The sheets are separated with the help of polymer gaskets. They are secured into steel frames. They carry out the exchange of heat with the help of corrugated, thin metal sheets adjacent to each other and connecting them with the help of gaskets. The substance that is to be cooled or heated is carried out between alternating sheets that allow the heat to pass through the metal sheet.

The parts of the plate heat exchanger

FRAME: The frame is composed of the carrying bar, as well as the guide bar. They act as a carrier and a guide to the plates along with the movable cover. When the cover is pulled together along with the tightening bolts, it develops into a pressure retaining structure for plates. Thick steel parts that are great at retaining pressure, a fixed cover and movable cover forms the complete frame of the heat exchanger.

PLATE: The construction of heat exchanger makes it very easy to open for inspection, as well as cleaning. The plates form the heat transfer surface. They are clamped in between two steel plates with the help of tightening bolts.

GASKET: The field gasket lets the opposing fluid through the heat transfer surface. The fluid stops at the circular portion barring it from flowing across the heat transfer plate.

FLOW ARRANGEMENT: The complete arrangement of the plates and the gasket is known as “plate pack”. The plates and gaskets are arranged in a specially designed alternating pattern of right-hand and left-hand flow to let the fluids in an opposing direction in the heat exchanger.

Applications of plate heat exchanger

The applications of plate heat exchanger include:

  • These types of heat exchanger are used in pharmaceutical industry
  • They are also used in food and beverage industry, as well as sugar industries

Advantages of plate heat exchanger

  • The plate heat exchanger offers a high value of heat transfer coefficient
  • The plates can be added or removed to enhance or bring down the heat transfer capacity.