WELLTECH COOLING SYSTEMSis the leading manufacturer of domestic & industrial energy efficient Air- cooled & water cooled chilling plants ranging from 1 Tr. to 50 Tr. Nominal cooling capacity for domestic and industrial Application like Water, Milk, Dairy product, Food product, Chemical / pharmaceuticals / laboratory / Research, Plastic process,Hydraulic machine, Laser machine, Process machine cooling, Aquarium water chilling, Space application etc.

WELLTECH ‘S range of air cooled re-circulation & online chilling system represents the ideal solution for the cooling of domestic & Industrial process chilling systems and designed to facilitate quick installation for all packaged chilled water system requirements.

The speed and accuracy of production will increase as you maintain a constant and proper cooling temperature in your equipment.A chilling plant will reduce the number of rejected parts while increasing the number of parts produced per hour. A cooling tower may provide adequate cooling during winter months but fails during the hotter period of the year. A water chilling plant will immediately eliminate this problem.

The most compelling reason for a chilling plant is the protection to your valuable process equipment such as laser machines, spot welders, injection molding equipment and other applications. A chilling plant commonly represents a small fraction of the processing equipment. Yet it provides a solid protection of your investment 24 hours day, 7days a week for years and years to  come.


Spindles are important components of most industrial or small-scale machinery and are extremely sensitive to heat. As the machine at hand is in use, the temperature of the spindles rises, causing the machinery to malfunction. In order to avoid this possibility, it is important to maintain the temperature of the spindles within specified limits, ensuring the machine tool’s smooth operation. Our Spindle Chiller helps achieve these temperatures by re-circulating machine-compatible coolant through a cooling circuit within the cooler. They use the eco-friendly refrigerant R134a and contain inbuilt coolant tanks and re-circulating pumps. These chiller controllers are compact, mobile and based on microprocessors for their functionality,

Features & Functions:

Important about the Features & Functions are,
1.Imported American and Japanese brand new compressors featuring built-in safety protection, low noise, low electricity consumption, increased reliability & longer life.
2.SCHNEIDER electric components ensure the stable operation and long service life.
3.Imported Italian famous brand water pump, large flow, high efficiency and long lasting service life.
4.Imported precise digital display temperature controller is provided to precisely control water temperature with variation of ±1℃.Temperature can be set in the range from 5℃ to 50℃.
5.Fully stainless steel thick water-tank-type evaporator is integrated with the built-in automatic water replenishing device for quick and convenient cleaning and maintenance.
6.The condenser of the water cooled unit is shell-and-tube type, with inner thread copper tube and reasonable design, the effect of heat exchanging is good. The condenser of the air cooled chiller unit is made of aluminum fins and row column tubes to guarantee the high efficiency of heat exchange.
7.Static plastic spraying enclosure with aesthetic design, elegant appearance, convenient operation and maintenance.

Our Applications

Solar and Wind Energy, Health Care, Data Center, Power Electronics, Machine Tool, Induction Heating, Welding, Hydraulic Oil Cooling, Paint Manufacture, Pharma, Chemical, X-Ray Spectrometer, Vacuum Systems, Breweries, Food Processing, Plastic, Concrete Batching


  • Cooling capacity range : 1.75 kW to 35 kW
  • Fluid : Soft Water / water + glycol solution
  • Refrigerant : R134a
  • Operating ambient temperature range : +10 to + 50C
  • Best fluid outlet temperature : 15degc, At ambient : 35degc & ∆T : 5 Deg C
  • Condenser Type : Air-Cooled, Fin & Tube
  • Evaporator Type : Coil in tank / Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Operating environment : Indoor / Out door – Shelter from rain, dust, insects, humidity, sunlight
  • Power supply : 1 PH / 3 PH, 220V / 415 V, AC, 50/60 HZ
  • MOC of wetted parts : SS 202 / 304 / 316 / CU
  • Fluid loop : Open loop with media tank in the circuit
  • Noise level : < 85 db
  • Life expectancy : 10-15 years

Design Inputs from Customer

Required cooling capacity in kWRequired / rated flow rate of cooling liquidMax liquid leaving temperature from cooling unit, at max ambient temp.Increase in liquid temperature at outlet of inverterOperating ambient temperature range (+/-)Installation site environmental conditionsPower supply – voltage, frequency, phase.Electrical control logicType of configuration for the cooling systemAcceptance test, applicable standards and certifications