250TR Square Shape FRP Type Cooling Towers Manufacturers

About Welltech

Welltech Cooling Systems are known for making engineering solution which results in unique technology to manufacture, design and commissioning of all kind of non-traditional cooling towers, heat exchangers and chillers.Our products are accepted widely by domestic and in International Market. We set our self-high standard parameters for the fabrication quality and speed delivery.

WELLTECH COOLING SYSTEMS is India’s Best Cooling Tower Manufacturers FRP Round and Square Shape Cooling Towers Manufacturers based on Induced Draft/Forced Draft Counter Flow Design.
WELLTECH COOLING SYSTEMS also manufactures WOODEN cooling towers based on Induced Draft Cross Flow Design, Chillers, Plate type Heat Exchangers, Cooling tower spare parts. Within a short time span of WELLTECH COOLING SYSTEMS has created a niche for itself and has become one of the most selling cooling tower brand in India.


Cooling tower is an evaporative type heat rejection device which extracts heat from the hot water and allows a small portion of circulating water to evaporate (using latent and sensible heat) which causes a significant cooling of rest of the circulating hot water.


WELLTECH COOLING SYSTEMS innovative design ensures high performance and low maintenance. The most effective combination of fan and motor makes them highly energy efficient Collong tower and cost effective. Cooling Towers designed below 4 deg C approach are highly expensive, WELLTECH COOLING SYSTEMS standard models are designed on approach of 4 deg C which makes them most economically designed cooling towers for most of the Indian cities.


Proper Selection of a cooling tower is very important a smaller cooling tower may cost its users dearly in terms of running at higher condensing temperatures resulting in lower efficiencies.


Being Square, the air flow through the Draught Cooling tower is more evenly distributed. Structural members do not interrupt air intake and therefore they have been proven to be thermo- dynamically the most efficient design in the field. This translated directly into reducing running costs. The tower offers PVC fills and eliminators in a design that maximizes economy and efficiency. The counter flow design facilitates low pump heads. The water is distributed inside the tower over the fill area through the self rotating sprinkler so as to give an even distribution over the complete fill area.

Below mentioned in detail about the parts of the Cooling tower ;


FRP Cooling Towers are of vertical induced draught counter flow design with uniform water distribution and optimal heat transfer. Cooling towers can be installed independent of wind velocity


Square cooling tower gives 100% cooling efficiencies it’s give good appearance flow rate from 5 M3/Hr To 550 M3/Hr gives differences in temperature 4°C To30 °C Availability of Capacities from 5 TR T0 600 TR in single cell


  • Rugged FRP shell resists corrosion.
  • FRP water basin with integral sump and mounting feet for easy cleaning and low cost installation.
  • Air intake eliminates tower position problems due to prevailing winds or nearby structures.
  • PVC filling is designed for maximum air/water contact for efficient heat transfer.
  • Self-rotating sprinkler system with non-clog openings for long service life.
  • Cast aluminium or polypropylene direct drive fan has no belts or pulleys to align or replace.
  • Totally enclosed fan motor is designed for outdoor operation – stands up to severe service duty.
  • FRP inlet louvers won”t corrode and are easy to attach for basin cleaning and fill inspection.
  • Galvanized motor mounts and discharge grille resist corrosion never need painting. Grille promotes safety and prevents entry of debris.
  • Convenient inspection port for ease of sprinkler head checks, preventive maintenance, and flow observation.
  • Access ladder makes it easy to reach the fan and motor.

Square cooling tower gives 100% cooling efficiencies it’s give good appearance flow rate from 5 M3/Hr To 550 M3/Hr gives differences in temperature 4°C To30 °C Availability of Capacities from 5 TR T0 600 TR in single cell


  • Efficient treatment of water.
  • Prevent scale deposits.
  • Do way with or clean spray nozzles that get clogged.
  • Adequate air flow should be ensured.
  • Adequate performance of pump also should be assured


  • PVC Fill : A good quality fill and is of long life too.
  • Drift Eliminator: The carry over losses due to moisture drops.
  • Sprinkler: Due to the even water distribution over the honey comb fills.
  • Fan: flow type fan that is aero dynamically designed is of well balanced construction. we have availability of FRP fan and Aluminum fan