Chillers come in a wide range of designs and sizes. For smaller applications, chillers may be manufactured as localized, small, or portable units. Alternatively, large chillers can be designed to keep entire facilities cool.

When a manufacturer designs a liquid chiller, they make decisions on a variety of machine details, such as its cooling capacity, the type of refrigerant it uses, its power source, the evaporator flow rate, and the compressor horsepower. They also consider factors like how much space you have, how often you need to run your system/if you plan on using your system continuously, the temperature of the fluid to be cooled, what type of space or system you need to cool, and industry requirements.

To make your liquid chiller model more perfect for your application, chiller manufacturers can add features like emergency alarms, pressure indicators, and remote-control panels.

Cooling Capacity
The cooling capacity of an industrial chiller model is measured in tons, or Btu/h. Coolers can be found in a multitude of capacities. For instance, a small portable chiller may have a capacity of a small fraction of a ton. On the other end, a cooler can consist of multiple units and have thousands of tons’ worth of capacity.

Refrigerant Type
The type of refrigerant will depend on the temperatures that the chiller will be exposed to. Popular refrigerants are methane, brine, alcohol, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, water, R410A, R134A, and R407C. Widely used refrigerants from past years include fluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs. CFCs have decreased in popularity over the years because of their capability to deplete the ozone.

Water Cooled Scroll Chiller for Process Cooling

Refrig : R-134A (CFC Free), R-407C (CFC Free), R-22 (Freon) 
Capacity from: 5 TR to 110 TR 
Liquid Temp from Plus 3 to Plus 25 deg C
Hermetic Scroll Comp.

Functions and Features:
EFFICIENT SCROLL COMPRESSORS of Danfoss (Denmark) or Copeland (USA) are provided as standard in all water cooled scroll chiller packages. These compressors come with a high efficiency in built motor and hybrid-wrap scroll design that helps reduce energy costs in normal operating conditions and delivers high capacity and an optimized pressure ratio for refrigeration applications.
MULTIPLE COMPRESSORS guarantees higher reliability and reduces starting current, making them ideal for small and medium industry applications without having to increase the installed grid power load, switchgear, transformers and generator rating hence saving initial capital costs. In part load conditions, only the number of compressors that are required to meet the load requirement are switched ON. All models except the ones offered with single compressor incorporate scroll compressors installed in tandem circuit.
HIGH COP/EER as a result efficient condensing of the refrigerant. These water cooled scroll chiller units are designed to meet the applicable requirements of ASHRAE/ANSI 15 Safety Code. Since the condensers are generously oversized, efficient condensing of the refrigerant leads to lower IKW.
SHELL & TUBE EVAPORATOR is built with copper tubes of 19 SWG that enables them to withstand hard water with PH greater than 8. The copper tubes contain Flamingo patented star turbulator inserts that provide turbulence to the refrigerant flowing through the copper tubes. As a result of this turbulence these Shell & Tube evaporators have extremely efficient heat transfer with the copper tube. The shell is manufactured from high-grade steel. The evaporator is designed as per ASME Section VIII Div.

ULTRA EFFICIENT CONDENSING using outer finned copper tubes results in efficient heat transfer as it increases the surface area of the copper tube in comparison to copper tubes without finning. The copper tubes are of 16 SWG and are finned on the outer surface for up to 26 fins per inch. The copper tubes are mechanically expanded in a torque controlled process on tube sheets that are manufactured on imported VMC machine. Since the tube sheets are manufactured on VMC machines the pitch between copper tubes is precise.
AVAILABLE IN A CHOICE OF REFRIGERANTS R-22 (Freon), R-407C and R-134a. Both R-407C and R-134A are environment friendly and non-ozone depleting refrigerants.
THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE is provided as a standard part of the water cooled scroll chiller equipment.
CONTROL PANEL with IP-65 protection is provided as standard part of the water cooled scroll chiller equipment.
MICROPROCESSOR BASED CONTROLLER is a standard part of the water cooled scroll chiller equipment.  The controller allows numerous set points that can be configured to particular set of values that may be considered within the safe operating range. In case of any breach in any of the set point value the controller will trip the chiller after the fed safety delay period has passed and display it on the LCD display. Besides, during part load operation the controller automatically adjusts the number of compressors that need to be switched ON ensuring power saving. 
Optional Features:
SOFT STARTER providessmooth acceleration as voltage or current is applied gradually. Besides, Soft starters also stop the compressor motor gradually as opposed to the sudden jerk experienced in DOL or Star Delta type starter panels. This additional feature enhances the compressor bearing life.
INDIVIDUALY CUSTOMISED solutions are also available for direct expansion options.
CIRCULATION PUMP & TANK MODULE can be optionally provided along with the chiller for circulation of chilled water to the process. This reduces installation time.