Shell and Tube Condensers & Reciprocating Air Compressors Used in CHILLERS

The chiller usually operates on the basis of vapor compressor as well as vapor absorption system. The designs allow sufficient passage of coolants to the cold side of processed water. The temperature is controlled at 100c for the passage throughout the entire system. While passage of coolant allows easy extraction of molds and machinery while flowing back through the return side of the processed water system.
Type of chillers

Currently two types of chillers are being manufactured commonly, which are either water-cooled chiller or air-cooled chiller.

Water-cooled chillers: Various types of chillers are being used to lower the temperature; however, water-cooled chillers are most commonly and extensively used chillers. The system is mainly used in various industries that require faster cooling of large environment with great efficiency. These types of coolers are widely used in the size range of small 20-ton capacity to several thousand-ton models that are being used for cooling of larger environments like airport, shopping malls and other facilities etc.

Air-cooled chillers: A typical type of air cooled chiller adds on the cooling effect either through inbuilt installation of propelling fan or through the application of mechanical refrigeration cycle that draws ambient air to condense the temperature. An air-cooled chiller uses various compressor systems and the chilling effect is achieved through two of the important processes. The first process allows easy evaporation of liquid refrigerant, which promotes absorption of heat to reduce the temperature to a great extent. The second process runs through the principal of condensation of the refrigerant vapor in the air-cooled condenser and removal of heat from the atmosphere.

Shell and Tube Condensers

WELLTECH shell & tube condenser are manufactured and designed using the best possible technological solutions as per different applications area. The shell manufactured by us using heavy duty ERW carbon steel pipe or rolled from carbon steel plate (as per requirement )for durable finish standards, robust construction, pre long life and excellent in performance.
The tube is made of special high performance copper, Mild Steel (MS) and Stainless Steel (SS) both internally and externally grooved fins (as per requirement) for a low fouling factor with high heat transfer capacity. The Offered product is precisely designed in compliance with ASME & TEMA Code.


Highly durable
Low maintenance
Easy to install
Sturdy construction
Leak proof joints
Rust preventive primer finish of red oxide paint
Specialized construction material and / or testing producers can be used.

Reciprocating Air Compressors

Being a renowned name in the field of industrial air compressor we offer comprehensive range of Reciprocating air Compressors, available in single stage compressors for the clients. We use the finest material in the manufacturing process procured from the reliable vendor. It is designed in such a way that it provides optimum performance during the operation. These compressors are well in use in installations which need to produce compressed air with low dew point. Our single stage air compressors portable air compressor is equipped with extraordinary features like deep finned cast iron cylinders, Aluminum cooler tubes and aero dynamically designed fan for efficient cooling, totally enclosed belt guard, air receiver that conform to ASME and Euro norms and Forged steel crankshaft. Apart from this it also has optimal operating speed, pressure relief valve for extra safety, oil drain, low wear stainless steel valves, efficient air filter and low expansion aluminum alloy piston. We have deployed professional in this field to provide proper output for the clients. We also manufacture this as per the specification of the clients. We provide Sales, Services and Spares for Air Compressors. These compressors are available at reasonable rates.