WELLTECH Chillers are counted amongst the leading organizations involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Industrial Water Chiller. We specialize in Industrial Water Chiller that are offered in different sizes and specifications as per the clients’ requirements. The chillers are manufactured from high quality materials, employing the most advanced technology, in compliance with the international quality standards. Today, our high technology Industrial Chillers are in huge demand in both national and international market.

The Industrial Chillers that we offer are widely used to cool all kinds of hot moving liquid, sag, etc. We are offering a reliable and efficient range of Industrial Water Chiller that are built using high quality-approved raw material and design & develop technically to upgraded range of industrial water chillers. Further, the Industrial Water Chiller that we supply are thoroughly tested on diverse performance parameters by our quality controllers and experts to assure that it is flawless, reliable and ensured of zero defect.

In Short ,

  • Industrial water chillers are designed and manufactured with latest technology having space efficient, compact and robust design.
  • It features Unmatched quality compressors and pumps
  • It is easy in installing and operation
  • All units are fitted with reliable imported controls and safety devices for trouble free, automatic operation.
  • Custom built products to achieve desired performancen
  • These industrial chillers are highly durable

How Water-Chillers Work

Water -chilled climate contr ol uses water , instead of air, t o cool a space. A reservoir holds a water and glycol mixture that is circulated throughout the building through pipes. Inside each room, there are air handlers, which work in the same way as traditional air conditioning. The cold water is run over cooling coils inside the air handler and a fan blows the air from the room over the coils.

But How Does the Water Get Cooled?

Warm water returns from the air handlers back to the initial reservoir of water . Once the over all temperature of the water in the reservoir goes above a certain point, the chillers, located outside the building, turn on. The reservoir water is then run through the chiller, where it is cooled down to the appropria te temperature.A bonus of using water -chilled syst ems is that the chiller only turns on when the water in the reservoir gets above a certain temperature, chillers are not directly connected to air handlers. This means that as long as that water is within a certain range, the chiller is not running but the air handlers are still able to cool the rooms


Our higher capacity system is equipped with advance technology for the capacity management system. In this system you can divide the total system capacity in multistage system, by use of this system you can manage the plant capacity in reference of product load variation. If there is peak product heat load during initial stage of process or due to extreme high climate condition this system will help to increase the system capacity as per product load variation in reference of system total capacity & vice versa after maintained the product temperature or low ambient condition requires less system capacity so our system will decrease system capacity in reference of requirement. System cooling capacity increase and decrease in reference of process requirement function by our Hi tech controller which can save electric and protect against over run of system. This will help you maintain the system, trouble free operation and protection against major damage of system major components.


● Quick chilling is ensured with plate type, shell and tube or flooded components.

● As chilling plants use energy saving with cycling fans and high efficiency fin tube air cooled condenser with liberal size fan.

● All chilling plants are local tested as per ASHRAE STANDARDS before dispatch.

● All chilling plants offers guaranteed cooling capacity at rated parameters.

● Specific design to meet customers requirement for temperature (-30ºc) also available in addition to standard models.

● Milk, Dairy product and Milk pasteurizing, Food product, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals process chilling plant.

● Plastic process Chilling plant: Injection molding, Blow molding, (mould chiller) PVC pipe, PP film lamination.

● Plating, Anodizing, and Induction heat treatment water chilling plant, Extruders.

● Printing ink / Paper waxing cooling / Calendars, Pulp and paper processing, Bleaching and dying industry.

● Process food, Drinking water, Process water / brine chilling, ice factory, Comfort cooling, Laser cooling.

● Concrete curing glazing in Concrete batching plants.

● Compressor: Hermetic sealed reciprocating / Scroll / Screw

● Compressor with internal and external protection.

● Condenser: Air cooled with high quality inner grooved copper tube and aluminum fins.

● Evaporator: Plate type / Shell and Tube / Flooded / Tube in Tube / Coil in Tank for high efficiency performance.

● Refrigeration circuit consist of reputed filter drier, Expansion valve / Capillary tube, Sight glass, Solenoid valve, Accumulator and controllers from DANFOSS / SPORLON / ALCO.

● Controls with safety devices – high and low refrigerant pr. Switches, low fluid level, Oil pr. Switch, Angle valve.

● Digital / Analog temperature controller for precise temperature controlling.

● Audio visual indication for safeties

● Pump suitable for high flow and pressure.

● Trolley mounting optional


Water Flow Rate150 LPM
Equipment TypeWater Cooled Chiller
Ambient Temp. 45 degree Celsius(Maximum)
Inlet water pressure2-3 bar
Max. Relative Humidity100%
Refrigerant Capacity15TR
No of Compressor1 No
Power supply 3 phase 50 HZ AC415 V 
Control Supply AC Single phase230 V
Ref Comp Power22 KW
Temperature Range(-40)ºC to +25ºC
Thermal Difference ( max)24 ºc
Temperature inlet/outlet10 / 5 ºC
Water Pump 2HP X 2NO
Noise LevelLess than 80 db at 1 meter Distance
Head Load [kcal/hr]45,000
Flange Pipe Inlet/Outlet3″/3″