To ensure that the best performance is achieved the power consumption and noise levels are as low as possible, it is most importance that the right fan is chosen.

Axial Flow fans are Delta’s business. With an extensive product range and with a high level of technical support ‘WELLTECH’ is a natural choice, when ventilation is required. Aerodynamic axial flow FRP manufactured by Delta Cooling Towers P. Ltd. Are SPECIFICALLY designed for Cooling Towers and other efficiency critical applications.

WELLTECH’s energy efficient fan saves upto 30% power as compared to conventional aluminium fans.

  • Tough light weight hollow FRP blades
  • High corrosive resistance
  • Different standard pitch angles
  • Wide range of Industrial air moving applications
  • Aerodynamically designed for maximum airlift and minimum air resistance
  • High efficiency and low noise levels.


WELLTECH’s unique aerofoil design ensures high efficiency, lower noise levels and less power consumption. Reinforced Fibreglass Epoxy Resin (FRP) provides the desired non-corrosive quality to the fan blades, resulting the operation of fans even in the very aggressive environment. Delta’s light weight FRP fans ensure a low moment of inertia, minimum wear and stress on motor, bearing and drive. Hollow FRP blades reduce material cost, installation costs and possibility of damage to the fan and drive during sudden stops.

Flexible Design and Adjustability

WELLTECH’s FRP fans with adjustable pitch enables the technicians or engineers to change pitch settings easily in order to optimise fan performance or to change field applications.

Uniform Velocity

FRP cooling towers have Uniform velocity over the entire blade area is the most important criteria of efficient axial flow fan design. To produce a uniform velocity through out its length, a fan blade must vary from a thin tip to a thick cambered root. Each point on the blade must have the proper combination of chord (blade width) and angle. This results in a greatDEAL of twist in a properly designed blade, a shape impossible to produce by extrusion. The Delta fan blades are Jig-formed to provide the complex contour needed for high aerodynamic efficiency.


WELLTECH’s fans are electronically balanced on computerised balancing machines to ensure maximum output.

Size Ranging

WELLTECH’s fans are available in the sizes ranging from 3 feet to 30 feet diameter. Fans of higher sizes can also be provided on request.


Baldes : Fiber Reinfoced Epoxy Resin
Hub Body : M.S.Plate / Aliminium
Cast Aluminium (LM-6) : to suit customers requirement
Hub Spot.Bush : Cast Iron to IS-210 1970
Hardware : SSto AISI 304
Clamps : SS-304 or LM6 to BS1490 1963