U & Staright Tube Bundles Heat Exchangers

We are Heat Exchanger Manufacturers. We have strong hold over Heat transfer equipment; we are able to deliver wide range of the heat transfer equipment due to sound infrastructural and manufacturing facility with experienced staff.

Our company is to emerging as one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of Heat Exchangers. These exchangers are widely used for efficient transferring heat from one fluid to another. We owe specialty in all sorts of heat exchanger i.e. shell to shell type, Shell tube type, finned tube type etc.

What is Heat Exchanger ?

An Heat Exchanger is an important part of any Equipment, that produces waste heat like generator, engine and power pack. So There are many types of Heat Exchangers are required as per the specific necessity of the equipment. For instance, there are many types of Heat Exchangers are available in the market. Some of them include Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers , U & Staright Tube Bundles, Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger, etc.

About U & Straight Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

U Tube bundle Heat Exchangers consistings of a bundle of U tubes surrounded by a shell. One fluid flows through the tubes and the other fluid flows through the shell. Around the tubes, multitherm can duplicate any existing bundle to include dimensions, materials and performance. We can build U tube bundles or straight tube floating tube bundles. We can retube fixed tubesheet heat exchanger when the bundles is not removable. Most bundles tend to be build with copper tubes and steel tubesheets.

There can be many variations on the shell and tube design. Typically the ends of each tube are connected to plenums through holes in tubesheets. The tubes may be straight or bent in the shape of U called U-tubes. In nuclear power plants called pressurized water reactors and large heat exchangers called steam generators are two-phase. Shell and tube heat exchangers which typically have U-tubes.

Features :

  • Excellent heat transfer Rate and maximum heat utilization
  • Excellent and durable quality
  • Less maintenance
  • Compact in size