Manufactures of PVC Fills in Ecuador

PVC Fill is manufactured by us in-house through our automated fill forming machine. For almost every application, cooling by film-packing principle is the most efficient. Film packings demonstrate the highest volumetric heat transfer co-efficient that can be achieved. PVC Fill is an extended surface film packing for use not only in new cooling towers but also as a retrofit material to improve the performance of existing equipment.

PVC FILLS packing consists of a bonded assembly of vacuum formed PVC sheets. Each sheet is moulded with a wave form corrugation in one plane and a secondary and smaller corrugation which is superimposed at a screw angle to the primary wave form. When the sheets are assembled into modules the major wave form creates vertical unobstructed air passageways which give the design a very low resistance to air flow. The secondary wave form creates apertures between the passageways to permit and encourage diagonal migration of the water film across the plate. It also adds a helix effect to the air passageways, imparting a twisting motion to the air and forcing it to intimate contact with the falling film of water.

Thermal Performance

We offer a comprehensive performance guarantee for all equipment in which we install PVC FILLS packing. The original performance characteristics for the packing were established in our own laboratories. The data for this has been subsequently re-enforced by filed experience in many different industrial environments.

Patented Design

The finished profile of the PVC FILLS plate is so ingenious that new manufacturing process had to be developed to produce the molding tool. The design of the PVC FILLS packing is protected by the patent. It is company policy to respond vigorously to any infringement of these patents.

Unique Flow Pattern

PVC FILLS derives its success from the way in which the water film moves diagonally across each plate. This movement rapidly corrects initial irregularities in the distribution of waterp

Product Details

Key Features of PVC Fills

  • Size : 600 x 300 x 150 (mm)
  • Surface Area : 268 m/m
  • Foil Thickness : 0.2 or 0.28(mm)
  • Material : UPVC
  • Max Operating Temp : 62 degree c
  • Colours : Blue & Black

High Light of PVC FILLS

The very low resistance to airflow has been achieved without loss of cooling efficiency and tower equipped with PVC FILLS packing normally consumes considerably less fan power with any other design.

  • Low Approach Conditions
  • Resistance to Fouling
  • Sustained Performance