Manufactures of Sigma PVC Fills

Sigma Cooling Tower Fills Our company is involved in the manufacturing of sigma fills, which are an essential component of all marley, Gireesh cooling towers. The fills are used for extended contact area having a high heat transfer efficiency.

We are one of the renowned organizations engaged in supplying of Industrial Cooling Towers, Cooling Tower Accessories PVC Fills.Our product range includes a wide range of Honeycomb PVC Fills such as Black Honeycomb PVC Fills and Honeycomb P.V.C. Fills

Our product range includes a wide range of Sigma Fills such as Cooling Tower Fills, Cross Flow Cooling Tower Fill, Marley Fill, Marley Fill Media.The Sigma Fills offer by us are standard quality products that are highly demanded in the market. These Sigma Fills are appreciated by large number of customers. These are available in market at competitive rates.

Specialities of Sigma Fills

  • These are specially treated to offer maximum contact area for heat exchange.
  • In it, the crossing of air and water streams is in close proximity
  • The proximity creates a diffused turbulence which is conducive to evaporation and efficient heat transfer.

Technical Specification

  1. Rigid Poly Vinyl chloride (PVC)
  2. Honey comb design with double edge folded very large contact surface area
  3. Fills Flute height 12mm to 19mm & sheet thick 0.2 to 0.25 mm
  4. Fill Size : 600mm x 300mm x 150mm
  5. Color : Blue, Black, White

Material Description

  1. Fill sheets have integral louvers & drift eliminators.
  2. Prevents the costly nuisance of drift spotting on the surrounding environment.
  3. Reduce drift to only 0.005% of the circulating water flow rate

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