The Round Shape FRP Cooling Tower may call as Bottle Shape . The casing and basins are designed to withstand severe vibration, high wind load and to resist corrosion.

The WELLTECH FRP Bottle shape Cooling Tower consists of Honey comb PVC fills and eliminators in a design that maximizes economy and efficiency and directly driven fan and Motor ‘Minimum drift Losses’. Uniform distribution of hot water by rotating arm sprinkler.

Hot dipped Galvanized hardware to withstand wind forces. The bottle shape makes possible to provide maximum cooling efficiency in minimum plan area with lower energy consumption.


  • Direct access to internal parts; providing easy maintenance and repair.
  • FRP Cooling Towers can withstand corrosion, to resist water born bacteria and organisms.
  • Light in weight and permits roof installation without special reinforcement of any kind.
  • Vertical Induced Draft Counter Flow design permits installation in any direction.
  • Consumes less power because of less air resistance to water.
  • A directs Driven Axial Fan ensuring the system free from problems faced with Belt & Gear Drives.
  • Available in various colors to match aesthetic requirements.

Advantages of RCT Cooling Tower

  • High Strength
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Part Consolidation
  • Durability
  • Incombustible
  • Low Maintenance
  • Minimum Drift Loss of Water


Cooling Towers Casing is made of selected grade materials of tough Fibre Glass /Reinforced Polyester & resins, etc. Additional embossing is done for extra strength in case of big cooling towers.

Water Basin

Water Basin is completely leak proof which avoids spillage & seepage of water. It is of deep sump design to ensure maximum water level at all times & made up of FRP with additional stiffening to take care of extra water weight. However RCC basin is recommended for capacities of 300TR and above.

Cooling Tower fan

Cast aluminum alloy fan is of aero dynamic designed axial flow type to achieve high efficiency. FRP Fan blades with aluminum hub are also available.

Sprinkler Assembly

Sprinklers are available in Brass/ SS/ Aluminum and the sprinkler pipe distributes the hot water over the entire space of the fill area. Sprinkler pipes are non- clogging and require low pressure to operate and assure uniform water flow.

Drift Eliminator

The FRP eliminator attached to the sprinkler reduces the drift loss of water and it is made of rigid PVC material.

PVC Fills

Honeycomb & ring type fills are of rigid poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and is of honey comb design with very large contact surface area. The purpose of the fill is to split the water and air into several streams to increase the time of contact and also heat transfer between air and water.
The fills are available with standard size of 24″ x 12″ x 6″ with the thickness of 0.25 mm.


The motors are totally enclosed (IP-55) flange type, 415 V, 50Hz. induction weather proof with extended shaft and are especially designed for cooling towers.
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