Our company is recognized as one of the outstanding manufacturer and supplier of the quality range of FRP Cooling Towers. These towers are wisely made out of superior quality FRP polymers under the supervision of our experts as per predefined industry standards. Welltech Cooling Tower is a leading manufacturer of FRP Cooling Tower and supplier of FRP Cooling Tower for various industries and provide Complete Engineering Inspection, Repairing, Modification, Overhauling, Maintenance and AMC of FRP Cooling Tower.

Our Quality Product range includes FRP Cooling Tower and related accessories.

FRP Cooling Tower production comprises of raw material which are selected to with stand corrosion & are totally algae free, Excellent corrosion resistant & weather proof construction, long lasting life Vertical induced draft counter flow type – permit installation in any direction with freedom. Welltech FRP Cooling Tower design consume less electricity, saving in operational cost Available in pleasing shades to suit the application & exterior. Welltech FRP Cooling Tower always give QUALITY,RELIABILITY & HIGH PERFORMANCE.

Advantages of FRP

  • Latest superior computer designed PVC FILLS offer maximum surface area with minimum resistatnce to Air Flow and hence lower power consumption which means lower annual electrical bills.
  • The high efficiency of the fans is achieved by a tapered and aerodynamic design of the fan blades. This dynamically balanced fan assembly ensures smoother operation, longer bearing & motor life.
  • Superior quality of FRP laminates with isothelic resin increases strength of the casing shell which reduces vibrations and it gives assurance of longer tower Life.
  • Neo Penta Glycol (NPG) gelcoat finish assures for UV protection and colour retention with superior surface finish and hence superior asthetic look.

Specification of Cooling Tower Parts

Below mentioned in details about the parts used in cooling tower


Tower Casing is made of graded materials of tough FRP (Fibre Glass Reinforced Polyster) & to eliminate corrosion the biggest enemy of cooling tower to boost durability.

Water Basin

The Basin is of deep sump to ensure maximum water level at all times & made of FRP with additional stiffeners to take care of weight of extra water. 


“WELLTECH” specially designed rotary sprinkler head is made up of PVC aluminum alloy to avoid corrosion, also fitted with sealed ball bearing to take care of thrust & radial loads. Sprinkler assembly rotates at 5 to 7rpm by the reaction force from the circulating water which is discharged at low pressure out of holes along four P.V.C pipes, screwed into a rotating head.


Fan is of aerodynamic designed axial flow type to achieve high efficiency. Fan is made of and adjustable FRP/aluminum and also ensure that all blades have large air flow at low static pressure, low noise level and corrosion free. 


Vertical mounted fan-motors are of totally enclosed type specially designed to withstand heat and heavy monsoon showers. The motor is also weatherproof and in IP-55 construction. 

Air Inlet Mesh

The new air-inlet mesh is a galvanized steel mesh either hot dip galvanized or treated with thick coating ofpolyethylene. Alternatively louvers can also be provided on request. 


Corrosion resistant fills are made of rigid PVC fiber of honeycomb design. Stacking are done carefully to achieve excellentheatexchangeefficiency. 


Specially designed multiblade rotary drift eliminator made of aluminum reduces carryover losses through entrain of moisture drops in the airstreams

Hardware Items

All components like tower supports, motor supports, posts, etc. are either hot dip galvanized or epoxy coated. Hardware is Galvanized Steel. 

Technical Specification

Price Quote Template

CoolingCapacity 20 TR
Heat load (Kcal\hr)75,000
Cooling tower-No.of.Cell1 No’s
Over all Dimension(D x H in MM)960 X 1900
Height of air Inlet MM400
Material of tower strcutureHDG-M S Stucuture
Material of basinFRP
Material of LouverPVC
Flow Rate LPM200
Inlet water Temperature43 º C
Design Web Bulb Tempurature28º C
Working Pressure in Bar02-03
Outlet Temperature38 º C
Evaporation Loss0.59%
Spray Loss0.25%
Drift Loss0.20%
Material of PackingPVC Fills
Type Honey Comb
Temperature Withstanding 60-70 Deg C
Size (LxBXH in mm)600 x 300 x 150
Withstand Temperature60 Deg C
Fan TypeAxial Flow, Direct Driven
No.Of Fan1No
Dia.Of Fan mm500
Fan Rpm1440
No.Of Blades7
Material Of Blaespolypropylene
Fan ShaftEn-8
Type Of BalancingDynamic