The Square Shape Cooling Towers designed especially for an alternative to round model for selection to our buyers. The Cooling Towers  consists of Virgin Honey comb PVC fills and eliminators in a design that maximizes economy and efficiency & directly driven fan & Motor with spray Nozzles ‘Minimum drift Losses. Hot dipped Galvanized hardware with rectangular casing body in elegant design.

Square Shape Cooling Towers s/Rectangular shaped Cooling Towers that performs under induced draught counter flow principle for the operation. The hot water enters through hot water inlet that passes through perforated branch pipes, which distributes the water by the splash caps evenly. This water is spread over the heat exchange fills. Then, the water flows downward as a thin film through the fill in direct contact with ambient air moving upwards in a counter flow direction.

Water cooling is affected by heat transfer in the form of convention and evaporation. Drift eliminators are mounted above the water distribution, to prevent carryover of the droplets by the fan. Drift loss is controlled by the drift eliminator to less than 0.02 % of water in circulation. High flexibility is introduced by multi-cell cooling Towers that can be customized to meet individual cooling requirements and conditions. The design further assures a high level of availability.

Advantages of SQT Cooling Tower

  • Minimum drift loss of water
  • Compact structure, light in weight and corrosion resistant
  • Durable and long service life
  • Aesthetic designs
  • Minimum Piping cost and most suited for small industrial units
  • Low maintenance
  • Free of contaminants like dust or foreign particles
  • Higher efficiency (rate of cooling)
  • Specially designed fan and the tower body to minimise noise
  • Use of corrosion-proof high efficiency filling by the tower
  • Leak proof water collection sump to avoid water spillage
  • The ‘Bottle’ type structure is highly resistant to strong winds

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