FRP Cooling Towers manufactured with Glass reinforced plastic mostly in wind with standing bottle type and square type models. It is a mechanical type Counter Flow Tower. FRP Cooling tower intakes the air from bottom and discharge the waste heat at the top. Since the water is traveling from top and the air passes from bottom to top. The water droplet have more direct contact time with air. The wet cooling Towers cooled with the help of evaporating some proportionate quantity of cirulating water.


Square shapeSeries Fibre cooling towers are alternative for Round shape cooling tower also economical and Proven Reliability have been installed in many applications. Spray nozzles provides uniform water distribution.

The low speed, high efficiency fan and low pressure drop and design to optimize the energy consumption. Fill shall be high efficiency film Honey comb type, rigid, corrugated PVC sheets with integral louver and drift eliminator that are conducive to cooling tower and UV protected.

Fills shall be resistance to rot, decay and biological attack with maximum -flame-spread rating of 5 according to ASTM E84.

Drift eliminators shall be efficient enough to effectively limit drift loss to 0.005% of the designed -flow rate.Cooling Tower components are made of anti-corrosive material suitable for cooling water application. Starting range from 60RT – 1000 RT single Cell


  • Running voice slightly
    By adopting for cooling tower design and development of FRP system low tone of axial flow fan, which reduces the sound operation, and is in line with the Japanese cooling tower industry would be noise standard.
  • Good corrosion resistance
    The tower body and sink materials adopted has good corrosion resistance of synthetic resin. In addition, considering the rust problem fully, such as skeleton part adopted hot-dip galvanized steel processing.
  • Polyester material name for cooling tower with glass fiberboard (FRP)
    Above the roof products installed on the ground (not including the basement)that can be performed according to the method of building standards of article NO.129 of the 2-3 fire prevention materials for manufacturing.The certification label of the ministry of construction fire protection materials is the general name of the cooling tower with polyester glass fiberboard (FRP plate) of Standard fire resistant material (a) No. 4017.
  • Best cooling effect
    The heat exchange of this type cooling tower has improved greatly, compared with former cooling tower’s figure, and its setting area declined dramatically due to its efficient heat exchange filler material and special design.
  • Power conservation
    This efficient cooling tower can reduce energy required by fan because the pressure loss of its filler material is small and its fan ventilation tube is in the form of funnel.
  • Aseismic design
    This cooling tower is designed for earthquake magnitude of vertical degree 0.5 and level degree1.0, which accords with No. 1101 new standard enacted by the ministry of construction, in addition, it’s important building facilities can be designed according to asked earthquake magnitude.


Evaporative (FRP) Cooling towers are of vertical induced draft counter flow design with uniform water distribution and optimal heat transfer. Towers can be installed independent of wind direction.


The tower casing is made of tough fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and has sufficient structural strength to withstand high wind velocities and vibrations. UV – stabilised resin is used along with gel coat for longer life. It is resistant to local impacts and even if slight damage occurs, local repairs can easily be done. The portion of casing housing fill and eliminator has a round cross section. The water collection sump, also of FRP, is leak proof & avoids water spillage.


The fill is of rigid Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and is of honeycomb design with very large contact surface area. The fill splits the air and water into several streams, increasing the time of contact and heat transfer between water and air. The fill is in modules and is packed in the tower casing without any cutting for curves. The air pressure drop through the fill is negligible. The fills are available with flute height of 6mm, 12mm, and 19mm with sheet thickness of 1mm and 1.2mm.

SCSP Nozzles:

The performance of cooling tower greatly depends upon the water distribution over the fills. SCSP nozzles distribute water evenly through a wide spray angle without any dry pockets. They are lightweight and reduce the frequency of clogging. The Solid Cone Square Pattern (SCSP) nozzles produce a solid cone spray of water that is distributed in a square pattern onto the fills.

Drift Eliminator:

Reduces carry over losses of water. The eliminator is of rigid PVC (Applicable for square type cooling tower). The individual drift eliminators of S-shaped corrugated sheets are bonded with subsequent layers to create the structure. The entire area is thus divided into several fine S shaped mini zones each removing water droplets on the entire surface of the cell.

Axial Fan:

Specially designed energy efficient fans are of induced-draft axial type with adjustable pitch. Material chosen are non-corrosive of plastic, FRP or aluminium alloy. The high efficiency design ensures low running cost and the lowest possible noise level. Fan blade pitch is factory set and dynamically balanced.


The motors are totally enclosed (IP55), flange type, 415 V, 3 ph, 50 Hz, induction weather proof with SS304 extended shaft and are specially designed for cooling tower application.

Corrosion Free:

The tower casing is of FRP, fill and eliminator are of PVC, and SS304 fasteners are used, thus eliminating corrosion, the biggest enemy of cooling tower. All steel components such as motor support, water distribution pipes, hardware etc., are hot dip or spray galvanized.

Light Weight:

The towers are compact and light weight resulting in easy delivery to site and installation. Light weight also saves on structural and masonry. Roof installation can also be done without any special reinforcements.

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