What does Heat Exchanger means?

Heat Exchanger is an efficient device to heat or cool liquids by means of a heating or cooling media as the case may be. The most commonly used Heat Exchangers are the Shell and Tube type. The main feature of all the types are that the two liquids exchange heat without coming into direct contact with each other. There is no mixing of the two liquids and are separated by a metallic wall, the Heat exchange takes place by a combination of CONVECTION and CONDUCTION.


Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are a type of heat exchanger design commonly used in mobile applications where a liquid coolant supply isn’t available such as automotive and construction vehicles. As the name suggests, air cooled heat exchangers provide a cooling solution for fluids using air which is driven through a fin core by an electrical, hydraulic or mechanically driven fan. Air Cooled Heat Exchangers can be supplied to cool a single fluid, such as engine water, or a combination of fluids as part of a cooling pack which can often include 3 fluid circuits cooled by a single fan.

WELLTECH design of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers ensures the most efficient and cost effective heat exchanger solution is always provided. From raw data Thermex can design and produce a range of custom-built air cooled heat exchangers for a multitude of applications and operational conditions including

Why Use an Air Cooled Heat Exchanger?

  • Nearly all heat exchangers proceed as a heat sink, everywhere they are fast dissipating heat interested in the air that was built up at a new location.
  • Air cooled heat exchangers are used by following reasons : They enlarge plant good organization, they make not necessitate an supplementary water supply .

Advantages of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

  • Aluminium plate and bar construction
  • Over 200 fin surfaces available including louvered and low-clog options
  • All designs are application specific, ensuring efficient and cost effective design
  • Minimum batch size of 10 units
  • Over 10 years of experience in schedule management and stock management, ideal for large scheduled business.
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