What Is Cooling Tower Fills

Cooling Tower Fills are also named cooling tower filler, cooling tower filling, cooling tower fill packing, cooling tower fill media, cooling tower infill,cooling tower honeycomb fills etc.

Cooling tower fill is made of PVC or PP plain plate by cooling tower fill making machine. They are hot pressed in the certain mould, and then be produced according to different design and be used in different cooling towers, especially in the industrial cooling tower.

No matter we how to name it, the main usage is a media located in the bottom or middle of the industrial cooling tower. Some of the towers will be filled with the filler, others will be half of the tower. Only large industrial tower needs to install 1 layer in the bottom.

Size and Shape of Cooling Tower Fills

Size and shape of cooling tower decide to use which kind of fill. Round cooling tower use the fill media with a round shape, square cooling tower use the square or rectangle shape. There is special shape of the fill can be used in square cooling tower too, it’s trapezoid shape fill.

Thickness of Cooling Tower Fills

There are many different sizes from 0.27mm to 0.5mm. Some people that the thicker the thickness of the fill is, the better. Considering the tower’s size and installation method, we advise to use the suitable thickness. If the width is less than 1.22meter, we advise to use the thickness less than 0.38mm.

If the thickness is more than 1.22meter, such as 1.52meter, we advise the thickness should be more than 0.38mm. It is like a paper. If the width is very large, the thickness should be thick enough to bear the weight and strength.

About Cooling Tower Fill Material?

The raw materials of fills are very important. A good quality will assure you the cooling tower fill without any deformed in the process of using it. you can get pvc raw material green blue white round cooling tower filler. How to choose the good raw material?

We will help you to resolve the important point. We make the raw material PVC plate ourselves with 100% new polyvinyl chloride particle, the features are fast forming without deformed easily.

We also import the PVC plate from Taiwan to produce the cooling tower fill according to every customer’s requests.

The imported raw material PVC plate is very suitable for large width fill media, but the life time is the same as our PVC plate. The only difference is the different price. Imported raw material PVC plate price is a little higher.


Stronglite offers a wide range of edge folded PVC fill products to meet specific applications. Our standard fill products meet the requirements used in counterflow cooling towers. Our fills are with both edges folded and achieve high surface area for given volume.

Stronglite PVC Fills are made by continuous forming and offer minimum resistance to airflow, providing more cooling by lower power consumption. They have uniform thickness throughout.

Durable folded edges provide strength at critical locations on the fill. The fills are easy to glue at site thus saving on transportation costs.


  • Uniform Thickness : Uniform thickness provides long retention time & also provides uniform time for heat transfer.
  • Continous Forming : Continous forming process is adopted by us where one end of fill is always free & material supply from other end is always available during the time of formation. Additional requirement of raw material is met hence no thinning effect takes place at crests & troughs.
  • Double Edge Folding : OUR manufacturing technique has the ability to fold the edges of the sheets providing stronger edges, which gives extra protection against rough handling during installation & maintenance. It also protects the fill from erosion.
  • Longer Length : Longer length allows the water to be inside the fill media for maximum time. It also facilitates to decrease the number of support beam thus inturn reduces the pressure drop & also reduces the cost of construction
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