Cooling Copper Coils


Copper is considered the better choice when it comes to the manufacture of evaporator and condenser coils. The reason behind this is its rate of heat transfer, its cost effectiveness, its flexibility and of course, the fact that copper line sets were made to join split systems. The cost of copper has however skyrocketed over the past few years, thus turning the tables in the manufacturing industry.The common features are Cooling Copper Coils high in Cost and Efficiency, No resistant to corrosion,long durable and Easy to repair difficulty.

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  • End covers, top & bottom channels are manufactured of 16 gauge of g. I sheets for protection & long life.

  • Venting & draining system: the coils require only one drain & one vent.

  • The drain & vent fittings are conveniently located externally on the inlet & outlet connections Individual circuits have no high spots to trap water during the draining process.



  • Sturdiness
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Corrosion resistance

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Our Range

  • Chilled Water Coils. Water Coils. We provide chilled water coils which is primarily used in the plus temperature cold rooms and chilled water is used as the refrigerant.

  • Sourced from reliable vendors, we use good quality of 1/2″ copper tube in the production of our gamut.

  • Procured from genuine vendors, we use good quality of raw material in the production of our gamut.



  • Condensation Forms: Water-Cooled
  • Type: Steam Condenser
  • Material: Aluminium